December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Well, I am sorry to hear that everyone is sick!!! Yikes!!! I am going to be praying for you!!! And hey, I am going to need your prayers of great Fe for my health too, because guess what, I AM GOING BACK TO THE COAST!!!!!!!! YUP!!!! I have changes!!! Well, it turns out that I actually had changes last Thursday, because they took us out of our area out of the blue!!! It was a little dangerous in the area we were at and President had no idea. Once he found out that it was considered a bit of a red zone where we were, they took us out. They are sending Elderes there tomorrow when we have changes. Good thing, because we had 4 people with bauptismal dates!!!! AAHH!!!! I was working hard on those bauptisms!!!! Oh well, The Lord definitely knows best!!!

I know that Domingo, Rachel, Cesar and Edgar will be baptized. The Elders will take good care of them!!! It was actually pretty cool, because it had been reported to the security of the church that dangerous things were happening near our area, so the head of security from all of Central America comes in his awesome FBI looking vehicle to scout out the area to see if we should be there or not. Turns out we shouldn´t, but it was sure a cool experience riding around with him! So that would answer the question, that no, I am no longer teaching Brenda and Miguel. They hadn´t been able to come to church and it was getting a little hard to find them, so it seems to be the will of the Lord! I have their number to be able to contact them later though. And I am going to keep in touch with the people we were teaching, so that I can still support them after they are baptized! Because even though I am not going to be there when they are baptized, I helped teach them and I LOVE each one of them SO MUCH!!!! 

Well, we have been in the area of the Training Sisters for the last week and let me tell you, I JUST LOVE IT. I always wanted to Serve here, because I have had A LOT of companions that served here and they have all told me just how GREAT and AMAZING the ward is and how dedicated to the Mission work they are. And it is SO TRUE. They are just AMAZING. I felt SO MUCH love for them. Really I know the Lord knew I needed the experience of coming here, because these people have impacted my life. And HAPPY DAY, Hna. Flor that I taught in Rivera de Rio, she is living here now. So, I have been able to teach her. It has been awesome. I had come to this area a couple of times for divisiones before so it wasn't too overwhelming to try and learn the area. And its cool to help a few people, mainly converts that I taught in divisiones before. I feel like the Lord sent us here with LOTS of purpose. I have been able to help a few of the investigadores and families here in just a few days and it has made me excited to serve well and see miracles in my next area. Oh, and we have had SO MUCH fun teaching and living with the four of us. One day I go with one of the sisters and the next the other. I have learned SO MUCH from them of how to be a better teacher. For that I am SO GRATEFUL. So back to the coast comment... Well Saturday night, I received a phone call from the assistants and the Elder said, Hermana, I dont want you to say anything until I have finished talking. I said, okay... And then he started, Hermana, a trainer is someone who effects the way a missionary will Serve their whole mission... I just went OH MY GOSH... I HAVE BEEN CALLED TO BE A TRAINER.  And I believe I am going to the coast to do it, SO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I still feel like I have A LOT to improve, but I feel the support of the Lord. I know He has Called me to do it. Pray that I can be a help to this new Missionary. I know I am going to Serve her and LOVE her. Just please pray for me. Well, I gotta go. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS Love, Hna Tarah Ray Sherrod

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