December 2, 2014

December 2, 2014

AWE!!!! I miss Purrls!!!! Please tell her I LOVE HER!!! haha!!!! Its good to hear that she is still her crazy self!!!!

I am glad y'all kept up with tradition and went to the Temple Thanksgiving weekend!!!! I will be glad to join in with y'all next year!!! But not with my fiance yet I hope!!! Haha!!!! I miss Manti!!!!

It will be cool to go all together again!!!! That will have to be one of the first things we do when I get back!!! But yeah, we aren't going to think about that yet!!!! (Just makes sure you have the spaghetti cooking!!!!) :)

I am glad you got to enjoy the Spirit!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing y'all are doing good, physically and Spiritually is the BEST news I could have!!!!!!! I LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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