December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

Okay, I am going to see how fast I can write all of this!!!!!!

SO I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been sent to the MOST BEAUTIFUL area in the WHOLE MISSION, to the MOST BEAUTIFUL BRANCH!!!!!!!! Yes, I am here in the coast, a little bit farther than Santa Lucia where I was before in a beautiful town where EVERYONE is nice and friendly!!!! I feel like I have come home!!!!! I know this is where I am suppose to be!!!! And it makes me seriously sad to think one day soon I won't be here, so that is why I do not think about it!! Haha!!! And really this last week I haven't even had time to have thoughts about after the Mission, because I have been too caught up in the wonderful work that is happening in this area!!!!!

I dont know what these people are doing to receive SO MANY Blessings, but he is just POURING THEM OUT!!!! Literally pouring!!!! The flood gates have been opened!!!! So let me tell you as many as I possibly can before my time is up!!! Well first and foremost, I LOOOOOOOVE MY COMPANION!!!!! Her name is Hna. Alb, she is from Mexico, she is 24!! She doesn't speak English, but dont worry we are working on that!!! We are reading out loud in the Book of Mormon in English everyday and working in the study book that they give the Latinos learning English!!!! She is picking it up fast!!! She will be fluent in no time!!!! She is a GOOD MISSIONARY!!!! She is here Serving with ALL her heart and she LOVES the people. She is a true messenger of the truth and LOVE of Christ!!!! I can feel the Spirit testify through her!!! I LOVE her and am SO THANKFUL to be working with her!!!! She is teaching me A LOT!!!! The best is that she already had several weeks in the Mission field when I received her, and although I think it would be fun to train a fresh newbie how to contact a bus, I am really thankful that we can just start working together as companions and that she already feels and knows her place as a Missionary!!!! She is good at expressing concerns and suggestions. We are communicating well, teaching unity and becoming better Missionaries together!!! So yeah, I am having a BLAST!!!! Well, so for miracles!!! We had 10 people attending church!!! 10!!!! I dont remember EVER having 10 people in church!!!!! And they just came to church!!!! We brought one family, Nanci and Mario de Leon and the rest just came of their own accord with the members!!!! Please pray for Nanci and Mario; they have accepted to be baptized the 28th of December, so we will be preparing them for that date!!! Please pray that they will receive a stronger testimony always and be able to quit drinking coffee and that they will be prepared the 28th!!! It was their first time attending church this week, but they like it A LOT and we have a appointment with them today!!!! Also we have had A LOT of success with the leaders here. Our branch president, is AWESOME!!!! We have already had a Family Home Evening in his house that he sent up with our investigador, Lesbia and invited us to!!!! Haha!!!! He is pilas!!!! Wow, time flies and I have got to go, but I am putting a list of names at the end that y'all can pray for!!! Please do so!!!!! We need your strong Fe to see the miracles and baptize every week this change!!!!! 

I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really I cannot express just how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Missionary!!!! I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL to feel this HAPPINESS here with these people that I have never before felt in my Mission and in my life!!!! I am seeing how every Blessing that I have been given in the Mission or before is being fulfilled!!!! I remember how I felt a year ago with depression and how happy I feel now. I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord healed me, because I know my Mission is something I will never forget. The lessons I have learned are precious for this life and for ALL of Eternity!!!!! I LOVE the Lord!!!! I TESTIFY THAT HE LIVES AND LOVES YOU!!!!!!! Follow Him!!!! Be made whole by him!!!!! Read, ponder and pray mightily and go to church!!!! Do everything in remembrance of Him and you will always have a shining light to lead the way!!!!!! LOVE, Hna. Tarah Ray Sherrod

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