August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

We hardly ever get chocolate here!!!! I miss it!!!! We had some chocolate cake the other night though and it was manna from Heaven!!! I didn't realize how much I really needed it until I ate it!!! And I was, like, CHOCOLATE IS BRILLANTE!!!!!! We did have hot chocolate one night with dinner, it was raining hard outside and it was maravilloso!!!! I enjoyed it A LOT!!!! It had cinnamon in it!!!! These are my kind of people!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!! I'm SO GRATEFUL TO BE SERVING HERE!!!!! THIS IS MY SECOND COUNTRY!!!!!

August 19, 2013 - CCM

August 19, 2013

…tomorrow we're going to the market place and el Temple at 3:30p.m. and we won't be able to write because of time, so we're writing today!

I'm SO HAPPY to be able to feel all the prayers on my behalf and all of your love in addition to the ever abounding LOVE of the Lord through His Espiritu that ever surrounds us!!!!

The Lord is TRULY, TRULY helping me here!!! It's SO HARD and I've been humbled a lot, but that has put me into such a better place to LOVE the Lord and receive better His help!!!!! I'm SO GRATEFUL!!!

We had a WONDERFUL Sabbath yesterday!!!! It was the BEST!!!! We totally had a movie night and watched both The Testament y (and) Legacy!!!! SO GRAN (GREAT)!!!!

It's pouring rain!!!! And lightening right now!!! It rains about every afternoon!!!! It's SO AMAZING and then clears up and is all sunny again!!!! Sunny in the morning, rainy in the afternoon and warm and sunny in the night again!!!! And when it rains, it RAINS here!!!! It's not the same as hearing the rain hit the leaves in the canyon, but a close second!!! YAY!!!!

So my teacher (one of them) is named Hermono Guirola, I call him Gorilla. He's 21 just got home from his Mision in El Salvador y Belize a few months ago, he's way fun, reminds me of Vallan and the gang and anyway, I thought you'd appreciate this story. So, I was talking to him, and he randomly puts his hand next to my temple acts like his pushes a button and says, “Off”. I felt right at home!!!! Hahahaha!!!! I seriously hadn't even been talking that much!!! But he's just really fun and hilarious like that!!! He thought it was hysterical and so did I and me compeñera, Hermana Rasmussen!!!!

I LOVE me compeñera by the way!!! She is SO WONDERFUL, NICE y PATIENT!!! She knows a little Español from high school and she's been perfect for helping me!!! I seriously couldn't have asked for a better companion!!! She helps me in all the areas I need to improve and I help her!!!! The Lord is PERFECT!!!! REALLY He is!!!!!

So my districto is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! We're all just like a family, hermonos y hermanas!!!! We're such good friends!!! No one has a problemo with anyone and all the companionships are perfecto!!!! I'm SO GRATEFUL!!!! We have so much fun, and still learn too!!! It's fantastico!!!!! (Pretty much just add o to the end of words and you learn about a quarter of Espoñol just as long as you pronounce the other letters right, and it's really not that hard, just say the word in a hispanic accent.) Jaja!!! (Haha, since the j is pronounced as an h in Espanol!!!)

Well I've been working out everyday!!! It's my favorite time!!! I miss walking with you!!! A gymnast hermano y hermanas have been helping me with tuck n rolls and cartwheels!!!! I can do so much more down here!!! And I've already been able to almost do the splits!!!! Yeah!!!!!

August 14, 2013 - Week One - CCM

August 14, 2013

I'm SO HAPPY to hear about the kids!!!! I miss them!!!! We sang If The Savior Stood Beside Me in Relief Society on Sunday and it made me feel so close to home, since we've been singing that song every Sunday in Primary with the kids!!!!!
I eat at 5:00 too!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! SO COOL!!!! And I loved the way you told about the boys liking it or not! It sounded like a kid story and I could just see the whole conversation at the table in my head!!!! I LOVE YA'LL- reading your letters is just making me beam!!!!!!!
So the food normally would not be what I'd be able to eat, but I remembered the Setting Apart Blessing said that I'd be able to adjust to the food here, so I put my Faith in God after the first few days had been giving me trouble and now I'm adjusted and it's all delicious and I'm LOVING it!!!! Although it's not like eating at Cafe Rio every night, we have tons of American and pasta dishes too!!!! And they give us GIANT portions!!! So glad for work out time!!! The exercise makes me feel good!!!! I miss walking up the Canyon with you though!!!
I've been seeing the clock at 17 A LOT!!!! And every time call it out!!! Mi Districto thinks I'm crazy, but fun and they all love me anyway!!! A good substitute if I can't have you guys right here!!!! Wish I could!!! MISS YOU LOVE YOU!!!! Think of you as often as I can!!!!!!!!!!! All the time!!!!!!!! Everything reminds me of you!!!!! We're so busy and it's good, The Lord is helping me SO MUCH to learn to focus better!!!!!!!!!! He is teaching the language to my Heart and I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE The Lord!!!! Thank you for raising me so well to be able to Serve Him so diligently with all my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength!!!!!!! I'M SO GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR ABOSLUTELY EVERYTHING, MORE THAN WORDS EVEN ME AS A WRITER COULD PHRASE JUSTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Richard last night at the MTC devotional (we watched live) pronounced a blessing upon all Missionaries Called to learn a language to be able to receive the Gift of Tongues according to their Fe (Faith) and acting on that Faith!!!! So just practice, speak with people, don't worry about feeling stupid or anything, they'll be happy you're trying to learn!!!!! It brings me close to you to know you're learning Español too!!!! even when I'm far!!!! Honestly it doesn't seem too far!!!!! I miss you, but it hasn't caused a problem at all!!!! I know I'm where I need to be, and all though I'd LOVE nothing more to be at home with you and ya'll I'm being completely sustained by The Lord and I am doing GREAT!!!!! I couldn't ask for more, although I'm sure I will be when I pray tonight, because well that's just what happens when you pray, you end up asking for lots of Blessings!!! Haha!!!!
My towels work great!!! I'm adjusting well! The water is not nearly as good as Canyon, but it's clean by Central American standards, so that is GREAT!!!!!



Just so you know, vendors come and I bought some awesome leather scripture cases!!!!!! So cool!!!! I'll send you pics sometime if I can!!!! I'll be able to do more once I'm out of the CCM I think!!! Anyway, ALL IS WELL!!!!! Oh and Come, Come Ye Saints, is TOTALLY Himno numero 17, by the way!!!!!!! Isn't The Lord perfecto y merciful!!!!!! Holy cow, the Church is TRUE!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

August 7, 2014

August 7, 2013

We arrived safely this morning at 5:36a.m.!!! It is so gorgeous here!!! There are SO MANY trees!!! SO MANY different kinds!!! And all BRIGHT greens!!!! So vibrant and beautiful!!! We saw many different fun colored buses on the bus ride over from the airport!!! Neon green, red, bright light (light electric?) blue!!! And one that was all different colors and one with a mask like painting to look like eyes on the windshield!!! It wasn´t creepy though!!
We traveled with about 30 to 40 of us. LOVE YOU!! Got to go!! Bye!!