December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So haha, funny story, I now have 2 companions!!!!! So it happens that the city I'm in was 2 areas and there were four sisters, but we lived in different houses. But then on Friday at 9 in the morning Hna Funk who came to the other area in the city with me calls and tells me that the Asistants just told her that she has emergency changes and that her companion was going to be coming to live with us and we are going to be a trio!!!! Well let me tell you, we are having a BLAST!!!! It is SO MUCH fun working with the 3 of us!!!!! My new companion, Hna. Montecino is from Honduras!!! I always wanted to have a companion from Honduras and I didnt think I was going to get to have one!!!! Well looky there!!!! So she is AWESOME!!!!!! She is the MOST humblest person I have ever worked with. She LOVES the people with ALL her heart!!!! And her testimony is HUGE and strong!!!! Everytime she teaches I feel the Spirit!!!! And I just want to watch her, I am like, that is okay, just go ahead and teach the lesson... Haha!!!!! She has almost a year in the Mission, so I am still the senior companion of both, but they are both just such good Missionaries. They are willing to take more than there load of the work and LOVE being Missionaries. They LOVE working and work with ALL of their hearts, so I am VERY GRATEFUL for that Blessing from the Lord!!!!! So Hna. Alba finished her training on Sunday!!!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!!!! And since Hna Funk left I have now been given the responsibility of the Retencion for the Zone, which means I keep track of what converts from all of the branches in the Distrit are coming and receive revelation for what we can do to help them!!! This'll be fun!!!!

Well, we are preparing 8 people to be baptized on Sunday!!!! It is incredible you guys!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!! I feel like we haven't even done anything to receive these miracles that the Lord is just pouring out!!!!! Well, of course we are working hard, showing or Fe and praying, but really, The Lord just LOVES His children. I know its not me or my companions, but just the Blessing that we are in this area at this time when these 8 beautiful souls are readying to make their first covenant with God!!!! I hope to tell you more about them individually, but here are there names so that you can pray for them and take them to the Temple please!!! 

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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