January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015

So this week was FANTASTIC!!!! We didn't have a baptism, but we did see miracles!!!!! Miracles everyday are the best!!!! So, this week we had really cool lessons where my companion and I both felt the Spirit SO STRONGLY!!!! Some of them were with people who at the end of the lesson still weren't willing to act on our message, but we know we did what we were supposed to do, because the Spirit was there testifying and we learned from what we taught!! Others were receptive to our message and that is such a Blessing and Miracle!!! We hope to see new faces in church this Sunday!!!! 

Our attendance in church went down this week, but we have been working A LOT with the less active members!!! We had 25 lessons with less actives this week!!! And I felt the Spirit SO STRONGLY as one family, the family Muy Mejicanos, who needs to be sealed, chose a specific date to go to the Temple!!! 23rd of May!!!! I felt as happy as I do when people accept a specific date to be baptized!!!!! Because it is the next step they are taking to grow closer to God, entering into another, higher covenant with Him!!!! It was really COOL!!! And taught me A LOT!!!!! 

Well, I would just like to give my testimony now, since I don't know if I will be able to give it as a set apart Representative of Jesus Christ in person: 

I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, that He lives and LOVES us!!! I know that God lives and is our Loving Heavenly Father!!!! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God!!!! I know that He has restored this church Himself by calling a living Prophet in these days, Joseph Smith!!! I know that Thomas S. Monson is Called of God as a prophet to lead the church today!!! I know, without a single doubt that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the words of God!!!! And I know that the Book of Mormon was written for YOU and your sons and daughters, your husbands and wives and all to lead you through this life!!!! I know it and I can never deny it!!!! I would rather suffer and die than deny the truth in my heart!!!! And that is why I have spent the last year and half here in Guatemala!!!! It has been the MOST wonderful experience of this life that Heavenly Father has given me!!! And I know that only a million more wonderful experiences wait for me at home and that is why I must return!!! I know that one of those experiences will be seeing my whole family in the Temple one day, preparing to meet God. And my family stretches beyond just blood lines!!! My family is every single one of you that read this testimony!!! We are all children of the Most High God!!!! I testify that YOU are a child of God!!!! We have a home prepared for us on high that we should be striving to obtain!!!! As we Serve our Lord and Savior, looking at the things we have to sacrifice as a privilege, I know we find the greatest joy and greatest peace possible in our lives here on earth and in our life to come with our Heavenly Father in His Celestial Kingdom!!! When I was set apart, I was promised in my setting apart Blessing that EVERY person I know would be Blessed for my Service in the Mission. Please know that God LOVES YOU and is aware of YOU and your specific needs!!! I know He is Blessing you. I dont know all things, but I know He LOVES His children PERFECTLY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! And I LOVE our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ!!! I am SO THANKFUL for every miracle of everyday!!! He LIVES!!!! He LOVES US!!!! I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

 Well I gotta get to work!!!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! LOVE, Hna Sherrod!!!!!

January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

Okay, so this week on Tarah's Mission.... So no, Erick was not bauptized. His mom went all weird and said that he didn't know what he was doing and he needed to attend church with her at another church... Yeah.... But THANK YOU FOR ALL of the prayers!!!!!!! I know that Heavenly Father has a GREAT Miracle planned for us this week!!!!!!!! So we had interviews yesterday. Because, it is my final interview, it took like 40 minutes!!!! It was a REALLY good interview!!!!! It helped me think about things clearly and set some good goals!!!!! Pres. Markham invited me to make a covenant with him and well with Heavenly Father too that when I get back I will never be alone with a guy after midnight and that if we are alone and its midnight either he has to go or I have too!!!! hahaha!!!! I call it the Cinderella Covenant!!!!! And I am going to be sticking to it!!!! Sorry boys!!! haha!!!! Well yeah, there was a really cool miracle yesterday!!!! We were on the bus coming back from Tiquisate, its like an hour and 15mins by bus. I contacted the bus, got up in front and invited everyone to listen to our message. I shared my testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. After talking to the people asking for their names and numbers, I sat down and began to read my letters. But then Elder Geertsen comes up, our district leader, and tells us that we should continue to talk to the people; just talk to them as people. Get to know them and it would give them a better out look on the church. Well, we got up and I went to talk to a sweet girl I had gotten a direction from in front. It turns out her boyfriend just died and she was worried about if it were possible for him to be forgiven after this life. I ended up teaching her all about bauptisms for the dead. I have never done that in a contact before. But I gave her a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation and a Book of Mormon. She said she would go to church!!!! She doesn't live in our area, but it was a miracle for me!!!!!! It was truly an inspired idea to be more diligent from Elder Geertsen!!!!! Oh man how I LOVE being a Missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!! Your Fe brings MIRACLES every week for us here!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE, Hna Sherrod!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 
Okay, so THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for your prayers!!!!!! Maricella
was baptized on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how the Lord just has a perfect plan!!!!! There were a few conflicts on Saturday for her interview and on Sunday in the morning, but everything worked out as it should!!!!!! This is the 3rd week in a row the Lord has blessed us with at least one precious soul, another brother or sister ready to accept the true Gospel and take the next step to draw closer and return to our Heavenly Father!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL to be the instrument in the Lords hands!!!!! Every day more in the Mission I feel that really we are nothing to the power of God, we really are nothing to Him, but to Him we are EVERYTHING!!!!!! I know that our Heavenly Father LOVES US ALL!!!!!! We had a really cool experience this week, we were on Divisiones with the other sisters and one of them contacted a elderly lady and she said that we could teach her, but not right then, because everyone was home. Well we passed by a few days later on Sunday and she was outside again. I started to talk to her and she only paid half attention. Then I said her name (because we had written it down when we contacted her) and she looked at me and then said we could come in. As we started teaching her, I felt impressed to ask if she lived there with her husband. She said that she didn't, that he had passed away 3 years ago. We started teaching the Plan of Salvaciona and instead of starting at the beginning, I started explaining that we all die, but it is the plan of God and that we go to the Spirit world. We testified that God LOVES us all and she just began to cry. I went and hugged her and asked her what she felt. She answered that she felt just so alone. I began to testify to her that God loves her and that she is never alone and in that moment, the Spirit just came over me and I felt the Spirit tell me that we were there because her husband has listened to the lessons in Spirit prison and has accepted the Gospel and he is ready to be bauptized!!! I told her and it brought her a lot of peace!!!! I dont know how it even happened, but I am SOOOO thankful to feel the Spirit working through me like that!!!!!! I felt it should of been counted as a reference from the Heavens in our dats for the week!!!! :D :D :D Yesterday I got to spend the day with Sandra again!!!! We went to San Lucas!!! Where they think the Waters of Mormon are!!!! It was an AMAZING experience!!!! I cant wait to share it all with you one day!!!!!! Have a GREAT week!!!!! Keep inviting people to church!!!!!! Keep doing your duty!!!!! haha!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and please pray for Erick, he got permission to be bauptized, but Satan is attacking!!!! We need your prayers so that he can be bauptized this weekend!!!!!! Take courage!!!!! have Fe!!!!! We will see miracles!!!!!! We are going to baptize every week, because it is the Lords will and we are giving it all to Him!!!!! LOVE YALL!!!!!!! 
Love, Hna Sherrod!!!!!!!

January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015


So this week...
Hermana L.M. WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 22: she just got married a month ago today to her husband who is a member!!!!!!!! She comes from the mountains where they talk another dialect. She actually doesn't speak it, just understands it.  It has been really cool teaching her, because she had of course heard of Jesus Christ, but had no idea who he really is. We were trying to explain and I just felt that she needed to be shown rather than told. And since I have always been a fan of movies, we had a family home evening with her in the home of the branch president to watch a 30 min video of the Atonement and it just changed EVERYTHING!!!! This was more than a week ago now, but before that she had never accepted a sure date to be baptized. But after seeing the video, it was a sure, yes!!!!! And now she is baptized and in a year she and her husband can be sealed to become an Eternal Family!!!!!!!! 

I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have baptized 2 weeks in a row and we have 2 people for this Sunday!!!!!!! One is 18 and the boyfriend of a member. They werent living the law of Chasity, but we had a very good lesson, full of the Spirit and they both commited to live the law of Chasity!!!!! I really felt that we were teaching them both and not just giving a lesson when we taught them!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! Oh and funny story, we were talking about what things were appropriate before and after marriage and they were asking questions and my companion answered, well we aren't really experts at this, but....
I just BUSTED up laughing and said, we aren't anything at this!!!! What are you saying?!!!!!
We all laughed, it was pretty great!!!!! Haha!!!!!

I got to go see Sandra and her girls yesterday!!!! THE BEST EVER!!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!!

Gotta go!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Sherrod!!!!!!!!!

January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

Re: Happy First Tuesday of the Year!!!

I haven’t received an itinerary yet either!!!!!!! I SURE HOPE THAT MEANS I AM EXTENDING!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! But no, I don’t think so, I just dont think they have sent them out yet... We will see!!!!

The thing is, in my group there are 22 sisters that are leaving and I know at least half of us or more want to extend, so really no one can, because it would be too many, because we are also receiving 14 sisters when we go, so yeah... It is sad, but I am just Serving my Heart out with the time I have left to dedicate all my time to the Lord. It really is such a special privilege to be a Missionary!!!!!!!! We dont have anything else to do, but Serve the Lord!!!!!!!!!! All day long!!!!!!!!!!

December 30, 2014

December 30, 2014


So, I LOVED talking with y'all on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! It was the BEST!!!!!!!

So updates from this week...

Hna Montesino no longer is my companion. They called Friday night and told us that they would be picking her up on Saturday morning and taking her to another area. We all wanted to cry; we were having SO MUCH fun together and seeing lots of Miracles, but we know that the Lords timing is perfect and that He is leading the work!!! I gave her the Forget Me Not bracelet to take with her: she loved it!!! I have learned SO MUCH from Hna. Montesino. She is exactly obedient and the most humblest person I know. She counts on the Lord always and trusts in His perfect plan for us!!!! And I wanted to ask if y'all could please write her. You could ask someone in the Spanish ward to translate what you want to say, because she hardly receives any emails from home. She was really grateful for all of the presents for Christmas. I am really thankful that Heavenly Father sent her to be with us for Christmas. I know it was planned by Him and not just by chance. I really needed to learn from her this last week and I needed the chance to share all the blessings He has giving me!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for a loving family who supports. It is a grand blessing that not everyone has and I sometimes take it for granted more than I should - I feel; but seriously, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS and letters and encouragement ALWAYS. I know I wouldn't be able to continue without you guys!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week, Norma and Lester got married on Saturday afternoon and baptized on Sunday!!!! And little Karen, who is 9, was also baptized!!!! She was SO HAPPY!!!! It was SO CUTE!!!!! Her Mom has been inactive for years. She was baptized when she was 16 or 17 and now is coming back to church. She has plans to talk to the Bishop to make sure she is worthy to take the Sacrament or see what she needs to do to repent! She asked us the other day, "Can I still come back to church, or since I left is that possible?" We were like, OF COURSE it is possible!!!! You are always welcome to come to church and change!!! I testify as a Representative of Jesus Christ that through Christ we ALL can be made clean!!!! It doesn't matter how many times we have made the same stupid mistakes, if we are willing to come to him we can change and be purified through His Atoning sacrifice!!!!! Just start by being obedient, do the simple things, pray, ask for forgiveness, read the scriptures, go to church, talk to your bishop and take the sacrament!!!! It works every time for everyone!!!! The way is simple, but it just takes a lot of courage to stay on it!!!! Lester and Norma were SO HAPPY to be baptized. I asked Norma how she felt and she said, "Feliz to be completing another commandment from God!!!!" With a bright smile on her face!!!! Hna Markham and Pres. Markham were able to make it out to the baptismal service too and that was really special!!!!!

I LOVE the area!!!!! I LOVE this branch!!!!!!!! They are the BEST!!!!! We have LOTS of miracles headed our way!!!! THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Hna Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!!

December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So haha, funny story, I now have 2 companions!!!!! So it happens that the city I'm in was 2 areas and there were four sisters, but we lived in different houses. But then on Friday at 9 in the morning Hna Funk who came to the other area in the city with me calls and tells me that the Asistants just told her that she has emergency changes and that her companion was going to be coming to live with us and we are going to be a trio!!!! Well let me tell you, we are having a BLAST!!!! It is SO MUCH fun working with the 3 of us!!!!! My new companion, Hna. Montecino is from Honduras!!! I always wanted to have a companion from Honduras and I didnt think I was going to get to have one!!!! Well looky there!!!! So she is AWESOME!!!!!! She is the MOST humblest person I have ever worked with. She LOVES the people with ALL her heart!!!! And her testimony is HUGE and strong!!!! Everytime she teaches I feel the Spirit!!!! And I just want to watch her, I am like, that is okay, just go ahead and teach the lesson... Haha!!!!! She has almost a year in the Mission, so I am still the senior companion of both, but they are both just such good Missionaries. They are willing to take more than there load of the work and LOVE being Missionaries. They LOVE working and work with ALL of their hearts, so I am VERY GRATEFUL for that Blessing from the Lord!!!!! So Hna. Alba finished her training on Sunday!!!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!!!! And since Hna Funk left I have now been given the responsibility of the Retencion for the Zone, which means I keep track of what converts from all of the branches in the Distrit are coming and receive revelation for what we can do to help them!!! This'll be fun!!!!

Well, we are preparing 8 people to be baptized on Sunday!!!! It is incredible you guys!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!! I feel like we haven't even done anything to receive these miracles that the Lord is just pouring out!!!!! Well, of course we are working hard, showing or Fe and praying, but really, The Lord just LOVES His children. I know its not me or my companions, but just the Blessing that we are in this area at this time when these 8 beautiful souls are readying to make their first covenant with God!!!! I hope to tell you more about them individually, but here are there names so that you can pray for them and take them to the Temple please!!! 

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!