December 2, 2014

December 2, 2014

So this week...
So, to answer questions, no Doming was not baptized. He went to visit some cousins and of course its the classic Satan like to attack before baptism thing. But we saw him yesterday, he is doing good, he still wants to be baptized!!!! He accepted his baptismal date for this Sunday!!!! So please send LOTS of Fe and prayers His way!!!! And our way to know how we can help him!!!! He is a good kid!!! He really, as we all do, needs the Gospel in His life!!! I know that being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost will not only change His future in this life, but for the Eternities!!! The enemigo always attacks the strongest, just remember if you are having trials, its because you are worth it!!! Not because God has forgotten you!!!! And because God has not forgotten you and you know it, the enemy won't either and he will constantly try to lead you from the path, but you can continue on!!! You can endure to the end and overcome, because Christ did!!!!!

Have y'all seen the new video released by the church?!!! He is the Gift?!!! You really should!!! It is GREAT!!!!! We received a disc of it and are sharing it with EVERYONE here!!!! It is really powerful!!!! Please share it with the Davises!!! And all!!!! And ask them and yourselves what Gift you are going to give to Heavenly Father and Christ this year!!!! You will see miracles and feel the LOVE and the miracle of Christ's Atoning sacrifice for us!!!!!!

So Domingo is going to be baptized this Sunday and also a 14 year old girl, Rachel Lara!!!! This girl is PILAS!!!! She is the best friend of an awesome young woman, Abigail that ALWAYS is willing to help us!!! She came to church the last two Sundays and she received her answer that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and this is the true church!!!! It was a miracle. We did a lot of service for her mom and her, helping to wash clothes and dishes and it wasn't even hard asking for the mom's permission, she just gave it to us!!!!! Service really is a pure form of LOVE and I know that as we serve others, people we like and people we dont get along with especially, will ALWAYS bring others unto Christ. His Spirit will always be with us and we will receive a remission of our sins!!!! And the pure joy that comes. with ALL of that!!!!!

I LOVE the Lord!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO GRATEFUL for His Atoning Sacrifice!!! And the power of His LOVE and of Service!!!!! I am so grateful to be His Representative!!!! I testify that He lives and LOVES YOU!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE PRAYERS OF FE!!!!!!!! We feel your LOVE and help!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Hermana Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!

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