January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015


So this week...
Hermana L.M. WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 22: she just got married a month ago today to her husband who is a member!!!!!!!! She comes from the mountains where they talk another dialect. She actually doesn't speak it, just understands it.  It has been really cool teaching her, because she had of course heard of Jesus Christ, but had no idea who he really is. We were trying to explain and I just felt that she needed to be shown rather than told. And since I have always been a fan of movies, we had a family home evening with her in the home of the branch president to watch a 30 min video of the Atonement and it just changed EVERYTHING!!!! This was more than a week ago now, but before that she had never accepted a sure date to be baptized. But after seeing the video, it was a sure, yes!!!!! And now she is baptized and in a year she and her husband can be sealed to become an Eternal Family!!!!!!!! 

I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have baptized 2 weeks in a row and we have 2 people for this Sunday!!!!!!! One is 18 and the boyfriend of a member. They werent living the law of Chasity, but we had a very good lesson, full of the Spirit and they both commited to live the law of Chasity!!!!! I really felt that we were teaching them both and not just giving a lesson when we taught them!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! Oh and funny story, we were talking about what things were appropriate before and after marriage and they were asking questions and my companion answered, well we aren't really experts at this, but....
I just BUSTED up laughing and said, we aren't anything at this!!!! What are you saying?!!!!!
We all laughed, it was pretty great!!!!! Haha!!!!!

I got to go see Sandra and her girls yesterday!!!! THE BEST EVER!!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!!

Gotta go!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Sherrod!!!!!!!!!

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