October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

Hey yall!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... Let's see...

JAVIER WAS BAUPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and his wife Brenda were married in the church. Just a small little thing with a member that is a lawyer. Then we had the bauptism and confirmation!!!! SO MANY of the members from the ward came!!! It was something so small and so simple, but SO SPECIAL and extraordinary!!!! I know that the Heavens were rejoicing!!!!! And Hna. Graham and I are SO THANKFUL to finally have a bauptism together after ALOT of fun weeks of
work!!! The Lord really does Bless us for our labors!!! First He gives us the strength to do the labors and then He Blesses us for the efforts we give in using that strength!!!! I know that this is His work, after every bauptism I really feel like I did nothing, that it was all just the Strength of the Lord and I know that that is true. Compared to the Strength of the Lord we are nothing, but to the Lord we are EVERYTHING!!!!

I am just SO THANKFUL for all the miracles I get to see each day being out
here on the front lines of the battles of Salvation!!!! I know the Lord
LOVES and protects EACH and EVERY ONE of His Missionaries, especially those
Missionaries who don't have just a plaque on the outside, but one that is
written on the Heart by the Spirit and that I know can be each and every
one of us, full time Missionary or not!!!

So Blanca is doing well!!!! She came to the wedding, bauptism and
confirmation of Javier!!! Brenda invited her!!! We hadn't even called her
yet, being so busy as always. And when we called to see if she could come
she said, "Yes! I really want to go! Because Brenda invited me when I saw
her at the kid's school today!" It was AWESOME!!!! It is SO MUCH better
when the invitation comes from a member, a friend and not just the
Missionaries alone!!! She came and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! Because she is
having a hard time recognizing her answer from the Spirit that this is the
true church. She grew up with parents who are pastors of a Evangelical church.
She is used to singing, clapping standing up and shouting at church and she
had the question of why church is quiet and as she put it, boring? Well,
this activity was the perfect thing to show her that we do have fun!!!!
There was dancing and everything afterward!! We didn't stay for that part,
but she told us later on the phone that her girls had been dancing and they
LOVED it!!!!! Then MIRACLE!!!! She couldn't come to either of the conference
sessions Saturday, but she was suppose to come Sunday morning. Well we were
waiting and waiting and she never showed up. I called her after the session
and she said she was really sorry, someone came over and she couldn't leave,
but that she was coming to the afternoon session. Well she ended up coming
in late not until 3:00p.m. But it was SO COOL, because she was watching it
with us in another room because we were watching in English because she
wanted to in English too, and she was there for the last talk by Elder
Bednar!!! PERFECT!!!! When he addressed at the beginning that this talk was
for all those who are not members of the church, you should of seen her
face, it was GREAT!!!! She certainly paid attention!!!! So if y'all could
please pray for her that she will receive an answer that would be
GREAT!!!!! We are going to teach her today in the house of Javier and
Brenda and we are going to try to put a date for her bauptism, for this

So all is going well with Natali!!! She is preparing for this weekend!!!! Just
please keep praying hard for her and her family!!!!
And well I have a new name to add to the list today, I had wanted to
mention her before and I am not sure if I did... We are teaching this young
single mother of 4 kids, 3 girls ages 6, 5 and 4 and a little boy that is
only 3 months old. She has had a rough time and experience with guys in her
life. Her first husband she married when she was 18 beat her, so they
divorced. Then her second husband, the dad of the 3 girls passed away. And
then the dad of the little baby didn't mention until she was pregnant that
he is already married. She is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL souls, daughters of God I have had the pleasure of meeting on my Mission!!!! We had a lesson, SO BEAUTIFUL with her yesterday, the Spirit was SO STRONG!!!! Like up there with my first
lesson I ever had with Sandra - strong!!! It was sadly interrupted by her
deceased husband's dad who entered the house and told us to get out. He said
some pretty bad things. I don't know what they were, I just know they were
bad because the Spirit stopped translating. But it is okay, we are going to visit
with her again today. She was really thankful for our visit and really
upset at the way he was talking to us. She apologized for him. But the cool
thing is, I didn't even feel discouraged by his words. I felt thankful that
we could be rejected, because it is moments like that that you really feel
who you are, what your purpose is as a Missionary and who you truly
represent. I know I am a Personal Representative of Jesus Christ. He too
was rejected, banished, yelled out and spat at. I am thankful that the Lord
gives us strength to face that in His name!!!! We are strong in Him!!!! We
are His, His disciples!!! And NOTHING can stop this work from going
forward!!!! So if y'all could please pray for her and her children that
would be GREAT!!!! It would be nice if you could take her name to the temple
to Mom!!!! We are hoping her father in law is really a King Lamoni's dad
situation and that he will have a change of heart!!! It is cool to feel
like I am working on being up there with the Book of Mormon Missionaries!!!!!

Well I know the Gospel is true!!!! I testify Christ lives and LOVES us!!!
That we can all return to our Heavenly Father if we follow him!!!! I gotta
go!!!!!! LOVE YOUALLL!~!!!!!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
Tarah Ray Sherrod

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