October 28,2014

October 28, 2014

Well, this week... PILAS Francisco came to church again on time and on his own!!!!!!!!!! He is PILAS!!!!!!!!! He smokes, so we are going to be working on that with him so he can be baptized this month, in the next 2 weeks we hope!!!!! It is a bit hard for him to concentrate in the lessons a bit. He has a very active mind, but that's okay. Its fun when we get to change the way we teach to meet the needs of the individual!!! Blanca came to church all on her own this week!!!! We didn't even get to call her in the morning to remind her, because her phone is broken, but she came all the same!!!!!!! At the Distribution Center we bought her an English Triple and she LOVES it!!!! We had been teaching her the Plan of Salvation over several visits so we had finished teaching her about the Spirit World and we left her with Alma 40 to read and when we came again she had read it ALL and had GREAT questions about the judgement and resurrection!!! And when we finished explaining about the 3 Kingdoms of Glory, she asked the BEST question, seriously I am trying to remember if I have heard a better question during my time as a Missionary. She asked, What do I need to do so that Daniella y Sofia (her two daughters) get to the Celestial Kingdom? That is what I want for them. Our answer of course, BAPTISM BY SOMEONE WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY OF GOD!!! Yes, we will be teaching the Gospel of Christ to her today, just pray that we will find her. Its been a little tricky these last 2 weeks! Please pray for Natali!!! We are trying to get her baptized this weekend, but we weren't able to find her ALL last week!!! I feel bad about that!! We need to teach her to prepare her or Satan is going to swoop in! I LOVED the trip to the Temple!!! The new video is AMAZING!!!!!! Hna Graham and I also discovered we are related!!! Turns out she has John William Dutson, 6 genereations back in her family tree too!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We aren't just Serving our Missions in Guatemala together, but we will be part of the same eternal family!!!! COOL RIGHT?!!!!!!! Well, I am sorry this is SO short, I was trying to write you all individually, so yeah.... But I LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PRAYERS AND ALL LA FE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!! LE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Hna Tarah Ray Sherrod

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