October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Do you believe in Miracles?!!! I SURE DO!!!!

So, lets start with Wednesday, Wednesday was GREAT!!!! It started out normal. We went to work, we had lunch and then out of no where I need to go to the bathroom, BAD!!! Like BAD!!!! We urgently walked to a members house. Of course we are always walking urgently, because there is urgency in the work you know, so we walked MORE urgently to a members house. And of course, I had diarrhea.

Well, then we had the MOST AMAZING lesson with Natali. She once again accepted her bauptismal date, but it won't be until the 2 of November, because her family is leaving out of town the next two weekends... But yeah, it was in the house of a member and we watched the first part of the movie of Joseph Smith, because she had gotten scared and had not wanted to be bauptized last Sunday. It was SO GOOD. She understood how Satan attacks us and that fear is the opposite of Fe and she readily accepted her bauptismal date!!! WHOOHOO!!!

Well then our next PILAS appointment fell through, but that turned out to be a Blessing, because out of no where I needed to go the bathroom, then and there. We were teaching a lesson in the street at this point. We ended quickly and briskly walked to our house, because our next appointment was with Francisco the 12 year old who was a reference from the family that lives below us. We couldn't use the members bathroom, because they were painting it so we ran upstairs to our bathroom and, sorry if this is gross, as I am going the bathroom out of no where hits this HORRIBLE, but seriously HORRIBLE pain!!!!!!!! Like I don't remember ever feeling that kind of pain before... So its not going away and I decide to call the nurse, but my backpack is down stairs in the members house. So we say a prayer really quickly and leave to go get the phone. Well, I am talking on the phone explaining what is going on and how I am feeling to the nurse. She asks if I feel nauseous. I say YES! And then puke while I am still holding the phone in my hand.... Yeah... Fun stuff... Well, she says to put something hot on my stomach to take the pain away, but well I wanted to make sure we were still working. So, we decided to do divisions. Hna Graham would go with another one of the members and I would stay in the members house for the last hour and half until 9. 

Well, turns out that none of the members that live close were home, so after I threw up, I started to feel a little better. We bought a 7 up from a tienda (a little store) and we went out to work, because we still didn't have our 10 families we needed to contact everyday. (Everyday we need to talk to at least 35 people and 10 of those need to be families, a husband and wife together). Well, we went out and right there a block away from where we live we contacted a family. Well Hna Graham contacted them, I just tried to look normal as I sipped my 7 up. Then we were Blessed with another family passing by. I was looking at my planner trying to figure where we were heading because our plans had fallen through when out of no where Hna Graham is grabbing my planner and 7 up!! I was like, what the?!! And she excitedly told me, They're Deaf!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! So this family lives here really close to us, they are deaf and have more deaf friends they want to introduce us to!!!! Something AMAZING happens ALWAYS, ALWAYS follows the crap. ALWAYS!!!! God gives us Miracles!!!!! This time, the family actually likes us and doesn't mind us teaching them!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!! So their names are Brenda and Miguel and their 4 year old daughter, Natali, who isn't deaf, but of course signs too!!!

I have been waiting for my deaf family my whole Mission!!!! Please pray hard!!! Brenda wanted to come to church yesterday, but they were leaving out of town, so they are coming to church next week!!!! We have another appointment with her today at 4!!! I am SO THANKFUL to the Lord for this Miracle!!!! SO, SO THANKFUL!!!! I am like afraid I will wake up and it wont be true!! hahaha!!!!

And then another Blessing, another different Francisco came to church on his own!!!! It was his first Sunday and he LOVED it!!!!!! We had 5 investigadores in church yesterday and we didn't bring a single one of them!!! Francisco came on his own and the other 4 were brought by members!!!! PILAS esta barrio!!!! And then wait for it, one of those investigadores was a new girl, a friend of the most PILAS family in the ward, who has already attended church 3 times, went to General Conference, has a Book of Mormon and knows its true, has already prayed about Jospeh Smith and knows he was a Prophet!!!! She is 19 and her name is Estfani, please pray for her!!!!! God Blesses us!!!!! Gotta go!!!!!!

Oh and don't worry, I am finishing STRONG!!!! Because I won't EVER be finishing my Mission. I am just going to keep on going on, just as if I have transferred to a new area!!!! My plaque will forever be etched into my heart!!!!


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