October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

So this week!!!!

So this week I have been learning A LOT about how Spiritual protection IS REAL!!!!! How we literally put on our amour each day we read, ponder and pray and attend church EVERY week!!!!!! Satan attacks. He is our enemy and we need to prepare to defend against him, fight against him and over come his temptations whatever they may be: fear, negative thoughts, breaking commandments. And I know we can!!!! As Missionaries (and as people), there are so many ways that Satan tries to distract us from doing the Lords work the BEST we can and he plays to our personal weaknesses specifically. But I know with Fe we can overcome him!!!

Hna Graham has been a GREAT example to me of that this week!!! She had been having a REALLY hard time focusing, thinking of people at home a lot. And I was wondering what I could do to help her feel better and out of no where, or better to say out of Gods perfect plan and revelation, the Training Sisters called us to do divisiones with them. I stayed here in our area and Hna Graham went to the area of the trainer sisters to work for a day!!! She came back determined to be more focused!!! It was such a Blessing!! She had a picture of her boyfriend up and not only did she take it down, but she threw it away. She said that she would like to marry him one day, but that that day wasn't yet and the Lord needed her here focused on other people right now. That too me was a great show of Fe. Because had it been me, I would of probably taken the picture down, but I don't think I would of thrown it away!!!!

The training sisters said that they chose us to do divisiones because they had just had changes and they knew that we didn't have any problems so it would be good to start with us this change. That might of been there reasoning for it, but it wasn't the Lords reasoning for it!!! I know that EVERYONE, EVERY member of this church is entitled to personal revelation, and to receive revelation for those you have been Called by Him to lead, guide and Serve!!!!! The training sisters have NO idea how much they Blessed our companionship and strengthened us in doing better the work of the Lord this change!!!!!

 Hna Graham and I discussed how the Lord always prepares us to learn too!!! Every time she has had a bad day, the answer to how to make it better came in our district meeting or zone conference the following days. And her EXACT doubt has ALWAYS been answered!!!!! The Lord is aware of each and EVERY ONE of us and our specific needs and He uses us, to Serve and help build one another according to our specific talents and needs!!!!!!!!!!!! I testify to that as a Representative of Jesus Christ!!!

And just to prove a little more about how God LOVES US, He seriously sends us loves notes, little things that happen each day just for the purpose of telling us He loves us!!!! On Friday, I had been having a REALLY stressful day, trying to meet the goals we had felt we could complete this week and I was just praying in my head, what am I doing wrong? How can I do better? What is it you want us to do, because this isn't working this week?! So we had missed the bus we normally take and we get on this other bus, and there are three deaf people signing!!! I got to talk to them for only literally a minute. Two of them don't live in our area, but oh man, it made my whole day!!!!!! I don't know why Heavenly Father has engraved in me such a LOVE for deaf people, but it was literally a love note,of yes, Tarah Ray, I am listening!!! One of them possibly might live in our area. I am praying we will find her again if she does!!!!!

Well I know the Lord strengthens us!!! As we read the scriptures, pray morning and night, attend church and partake of the sacrament, WE WILL BE BLESSED to overcome ALL things by Him!!! Believe in that!!!! Believe in personal revelation!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Tarah Ray Sherrod

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