September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

Okay, let’s see... So we are burning up this area with bustante nuevo investigadores!!! Almost all of our appointments fell through this week or the people we were looking for weren’t home, so we knocked doors and contacted in the street and we found crazy amounts of nuevos!!! MUCHOS BENDICIONES!!!! And some of them are really positive people too!!! We have some positive people that we are already teaching but we weren’t able to find any of them the last two weeks and I was getting worried. I felt a little like we were opening this area, because even though we have positive people that we are teaching, we don’t really have a lot of progressing investigators. But hey, I’ve always wanted to open an area!!!

So we hadn’t been able to find a lot of positive people and then yesterday we had a miracle!! We found two really positive girls that Hna. Graham and her companion had been teaching and were trying to prepare to be bauptized, but since I have been here I had only taught them once!!! It was seriously a miracle!!! They were both home yesterday after about two weeks of not finding them!!!!

It would be amazing if y’all could please pray for them!!! A.M., she is 19, really likes us teaching her. She has been to church once, but she just got a new job that will only allow her to come to church every other week. She said she is going to come to church this week and so we hope in two weeks from this Sunday she can be baptized!!! And you know how Satan likes to work hard Sunday mornings, so please pray hard that she will be able to come!!! Please pray for her best friend E.A. She is 14 and she is really sweet!!! We were reading with her in the Book of Mormon yesterday, in Nephi 4. She hadn’t read since we last saw her on my first day in the area, so we read with her and it is really awesome how much she enjoys it!!!! Reading it with her slowly was really fun. I noticed new things in that chapter that I have never noticed before!!! It was really funny, because I was noticing things about the way Nephi explains things and I feel like he writes in a style similar to mine. I think we would have been friends!! Hna. Blackmer once told me that I am the only person she has ever known that laughs at funny phrases in the scriptures, but it is true, the scriptures really are some great pieces of entertainment!!! I read things in a different way than other people,

I was really happy too because Hna Graham was also finding it very entertaining reading the chapter and making it relatable for E.A.!!!! She is a very good teacher and I am learning a lot from her!!! She is very good about always teaching the person individually and not just giving a lesson. I am really thankful for that!!! I know we are learning a lot from each other!!!!

Oh and that is another great thing that happened this week!!!! Hna Graham and I have gotten used to how each other teaches and I can tell we are teaching with a lot more unity and love now. And I can feel the Spirit stronger, which of course just makes it all a lot more fun!!!!

Right now we are a little low with our lessons with members. We really need to build the relationships A LOT with the members here. We need to figure out something awesome we can do to get more references of their friends and family!!! We have been trying to offer more service and we going to start asking members. We wrote a lesson plan of a little message we could share to get them excited in participating more in the obra misional!!! We will see how all of that goes!!!

I know without a doubt that there are sons and daughters of God here, ready to accept the True Gospel and we just need to find them!!!! And there are some great eternal friendships God wants us to build here!!!! Bring it on!!! I am excited!!!!!

We played soccer yesterday with the Elders and it was WAY FUN!!!! I haven’t played for about 3 months. My last district wasn’t too into soccer, but this one is FULL of Latinos!!! WHOOHOO!!! It was A LOT of fun!!!! I did a couple of cool moves (on accident really if we are being honest); but, I megged one guy and got an assist and one of the Elders asked if I was related to some famous soccer player! Haha!!!! But yeah, I am going to be playing A LOT more with Vallan and Kannon when I get back!!! I really miss it!!!!

Oh, so on Sunday we found out that a convert moved into our area and he is AWESOME!!!! He is 19, just got baptized in June and has received the Melchizedek Priesthood and is preparing to Serve a Mission!!!! Yeah, he is PILAS!!!!! Well, his sister is not a member and we had a lesson with her and his mom, who is not a member either, was also listening a little. And it was amazing!!! She is this awesome girl, a bit of a wild spirit. She has red hair and about 7 studs in one ear, but she was incredible listening to us!! We just had our first lesson with her yesterday, but please pray for her too! A. C.! She is 21. We challenged her to be baptized and she said she is going to pray!!! I know the the Lord is answering our prayers!!!! We will see miracles this month!!!!! I know we will!!!!! Because we are exactly obedient and working hard!!!!!

I Hope y’all all have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL!!!!!!!!! LOVE
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE

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