September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

Okay, so let's just start this week with how GRATEFUL I am for the Priesthood!!!! I testify that the power of the Priesthood is REAL!!!!! And that it works MIRACLES, pure MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I testify as a Representative of Jesus Christ, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints is the ONLY TRUE Church, THE ONLY CHURCH THAT RIGHTFULLY HOLDS THE PRIESTHOOD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!! I know it is by that same power that Jesus Christ under the direction of our Father in Heaven, created the Heavens and the Earth. I know it is by that same power He suffered and died for us, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, and I know it is by that same power that he laid down freely His life and I know that it is by that same power He took it up again!!!!! I know our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ LIVES and LOVES US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that He was sent by our Heavenly Father who knows and LOVES us COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY!!!!!!! I know that our Savior lived a perfect, sinless life to show us the way, because He LOVES US and wants to spend eternity with each one of us!!!!!!! And I know that it is by that same Priesthood power that the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles healed the sick. And I know that it is by that very same power that I testify has been Restored through Joseph Smith, a True Prophet of God that I was healed on Sunday. Since about Wednesday, I had been running a fever of 100. I am normally 96.8, I believe (right, Mom?) and well I had started to have aches and pains in my body. My companion had also been sick but hers had come and gone in about a day and half and mine was choosing to stick around for awhile. On Saturday night I was freezing, absolutely freezing. I couldn't sleep. I had on my long pajama pants, my hoodie, my knee high mismatched Essa socks and a thick blanket and not for anything could I get warm. We woke up at 5:40 and I just got my blow drier and started heating up my feet. I did that the whole time Hna Graham was in the shower. It helped a little but then, well, I had to take a shower in the cold water... Haha... Fun experiences... Well I was absolutely shivering all morning through all of the meetings, just praying that Heavenly Father would make me warm. And well of course I thought of asking for a blessing.

When the meetings ended, it was the same hour that the Elders, our Zone Leaders, in their ward were getting out of Sacrament meeting. So, I asked if they would be willing to give me a Blessing. They said of course. And I testify that when a worthy Holder of the Priesthood, a worthy holder of the Power of God puts his hands on your head, his words are not his own and it is as if The Lord is Blessing you and they are the words of your Father in Heaven. Immediately after IMMEDIATELY after, I was not cold. At all. And all the other symptoms were gone. Completely. I am healed and I am so thankful that I can continue to work!!!! Every day is PRECIOUS here in the work of the Lord. Every day I get up, I see Miracle after Miracle!!!! The
Lord LOVES US!!!! And He Blesses us according to our efforts. These last two weeks we hadn't had any new people coming to church, nobody, at all!!!! And then out of no where my Faithful and Fearless, PILAS
companion sees a member family from our ward on the bus and invites them to bring somebody to church. (I can tell you EVERY contact, every effort you make to share the Gospel is of GREAT WORTH in the eyes of God!!!) So then on Sunday in Sacrament meeting walk in this PILAS family and a friend, Reina and her 8 year old son!!!! I testify that God IS PREPARING HIS CHILDREN to accept the Gospel and you guys, the normal everyday members of the church are the ones who know who those children are, the ones that are chosen and the ones that have been prepared to accept the Gospel, TODAY!!!!! Please pray by name your friends and family who are not members!!!!!! Ponder their needs and invite them to come unto Christ. Invite them to listen to the Missionaries!!!! We cannot do this work without you!!!!! We need you!!! The Lord needs you!!!!!! And He knows you can do this!!!!!! You don't have to have a plaque to be a Missionary. You shouldn't need a plaque to remind you that you are a Missionary. You just need an open, loving heart, open ears to the Spirit and others!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for all of your prayers for me, my companion, our investigadores and for all of the Missionaries. Your prayers are answered and honored by God and greatly appreciated!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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