September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

Hey!!! So this week we had a way special conference with Elder Orchoa, of the 70!!! We learned A LOT!!!! It was FOREVER long, I will admit I totally had a headache at the end, but it was SO WORTH it!!!!! I learned A LOT!!!

Three things, Fe really is a principle of action and that it is power!!! When we need a miracle, God will bring one as we show our Fe by getting out and working!!!! It’s not to just fall from the sky if we don’t do our part, what the Lord asks of us is SO LITTLE compared to all He does, but He does expect us to complete what He asks and when we do I know He will ALWAYS do the rest and that is why we see miracles happen with things that are beyond our power!!!!

I also learned that we never need to have anxiety if we have completed all what the Lord wants us to do, because as we do what He asks, as we are exactly obedient, He will continually give us more to do so that we can still learn more and grow continually, so just go and do and be Happy!!!!! Do the BEST you can and do one better thing EVERYDAY!!!! But go and do!!! And be Happy!!!!!

And I learned that we should be focusing more, not that we need to work harder, we are already doing that, but that we need to work more effectively!!! That we really have the possibility here to baptize EVERY
WEEK!!!! That there are thousands prepared in every one of our areas here!!! We just need to get on our knees and ask to find them and get up and go!!!! Get on your knees and ask, get up and act!!! That is la Fe!!!!

I am SO THANKFUL that we had the opportunity to listen to him and our Mission President and their wives this week!!!! It was really SUCH a cool experience!!!! I know the Lord LOVES US and He is aware of us!!!! And He without a doubt is leading His work, in the Mission field and in the lives of each of the members of the church!!! I know that angels are preparing the hearts of many. Please members, pray for the Missionaries by name EVERYDAY and for those by name who do not yet know God!!! I know by your prayers of Fe the Lord will work miracles among us!!! We are all in this together. The Missionaries can’t do ANYTHING without the members. We are all Missionaries!!!! Please give your Missionaries references!!! We LOVE them!!!! They are better than anything!!!!

Please pray for Blanca and Dennis and Claudia... Their stories are coming soon next week!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! gotta go!!!!

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