August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

Changes are fantastic!!!!!

Well, let’s see - where shall I begin!!! This week has been AMAZING!!!! I have learned ALOT!!! I love my new area. I feel I am learning it well!!! I still have a couple colonias to get to know, but that should be happening this week!!! I am not far from my old area!!! You can actually see it from here and that made me really happy since I miss my little paradise and all my amazing friends and loved ones there!!! But yeah, this area is GREAT!!!! This area is nicely sized; big with LOTS of people to contact!!! And buses!!! I missed riding the buses and contacting them while I was in my previous area!! Getting to use the bus every day is a nice change and I am enjoying talking with more people!!! I put a meta (goal) to always testify as a representative of Christ, that God lives and LOVES us and that He restored His Church through His Profeta verdadero Jose Smith (true prophet Joseph Smith)!!! I have definitely felt a difference and my view of my purpose here has changed since I have done so!!!

The people are GREAT here!!! We have good investigadores!!! This one sweetheart, “A”, is 15 and I have never seen such enthusiamo por el Evangelio!!! We were teaching her the Palabra de Sabiduria and we were explaining how our bodies are like temples so we need to treat them as such. We were explaining a little bit about what a temple is and when we mentioned a temple is clean and a place that the Spirit dwells she was looking at the little picture we have of the Temple here in the Capitol and she just got SO EXCITED!!! She bounced up and down a little and exclaimed, “¨Yo quiero bautizarme!!! Yo quiero bautizarme!!!” She is SO SWEET!!!! That just filled my heart and I felt, yup, I need to be here in this area now!!!

I know God always sends us to where we are suppose to be, to who we need to help and who we need to learn from!!! I LOVE how God has given us all individual talents and that he puts us with people who have the same and different talents so that we can be refined and polished to shine the best we can!!!!

I am learning a WHOLE TON from Hermana Graham!!! She is PILAS!!! And she is willing to help me with my Spanish, which is a GREAT blessing to me!!! The more I can do to mejorar esta talento que Dios mellamo para dearrollar, voy a hacerlo!!!! We have a few different views, but we are communicating well and working out those differences to make a unified view of what we would like to do here together and how we can help one another be better to learn what we are suppose to learn from each other!!!

La Hermana Graham was very excited to be working a little more intensely than she had been before and for that I am really thankful!!! It is such a Blessing when your companion wants to work!! And work for the same goals!! She said that she was tired at the end of the day, but that is the price she would have to pay to be more diligent and have more fun!!! I am glad she feels that she is having more fun now!! And I am also grateful she recognized that those good feelings come from working hard, being diligent and urgent in the work!! I am SO GRATEFUL Heavenly Father has given me the chance to Serve Him, by serving His beautiful daughter Hermana Graham. I am SO GRATEFUL I have the opportunity to help her to learn how we can work harder and have more fun in the Mission, like so many of the GREAT sisters of this Mission did for me when I had depression!!!! It really is such a Blessing for me to have the opportunity to use the talents I have been striving to develop to serve others!!! And I Hope to keep fortifying those talents so that I will continue to be able to help more of His children!!!

I am VERY GRATEFUL for ALL of the LOVE y’all show for me and my companions!!! By all your prayers, letter and packages!!!

So all is well here!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Guatemala and I am learning SO MUCH about the LOVE the Lord has for us!!!! Oh and I LOVE our Mission President too!!! He is very big on telling us he Loves us!!!! And to be sure we are teaching with love and charity!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL to know that Presidente and Hermana Markham are Called of God to receive the inspiration we need here in the Mission, here in the Beautiful land of Guatemala at this time!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Serving the Lord by serving me SO DILIGENTLY with SO MUCH CHARITY and PATIENCE!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE Y’ALL!!!! As a representative of Christ, I know that Christ lives and I know that this is His true church!!!!!


Hermana Sherrod

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