August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014

So S. WAS BAUPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really liking that these sweet little boys are getting baptized!!!!!! I am going to have ALOT of little missionaries to write in the future!!!!!!!! His Baptism was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was at night and friends and family came who are both members and nonmembers!!!!! It was a really good experience!!!!!!!!!! The Spirit was really STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just found myself at awe again that I am here in Guatemala and I feel at home, and by the great gift of tongues the Lord has been so merciful to Bless me with, I can understand the sweet testimonies and talks being given so that I can feel stronger the Love of the people for our Savior Jesus Christ!!!! It is still SO AMAZING to me how the Gospel of Jesus Christ transcends ALL languages, cultures, countries and people!!!!!!! It is what keeps us united as families. It is what brings us happiness, nothing else does, nothing!!!!! To that I testify!!!!
Only through Christ can we return to our Father in Heaven!!! We can’t just complete half of the commandments and hope that we can enter into the Kingdom of God. We have to live them all to the VERY BEST we can!!!!
We need to improve each day!!! And we can!!!! That Lord does not require a lot from us - He requires ALL!!!! Because He knows that only if we give our all will we be able to receive ALL from Him!!! He gave us all so that we could give our all and He would pay the rest. He did not give us His all so that we wouldn’t have to work to progress, He gave us ALL so that we could work to progress!!!!!! That is the power of the Atonement - we can overcome EVERY TRIAL!!!!!! EVERY TRIAL!!!!! As long as we are grateful for the experiences those trials give us and the opportunities they bless us with to grow!!!!!!! When we are Grateful we become more Christ like, because our Fe grows in Him and we can see more things as He does!!!!!!

I have been thinking A LOT about gratitude as of late and just so happens that that ended up being our theme today in our district meeting!!!! It was REALLY COOL!!!!! I read in one of the talks from the Priesthood session from April that in our prayers we need to be more specifically grateful for all the little things the Lord gives us. When we do, we will feel more His Love and open up the windows of Heaven to see miracles from Him, because we will know and feel more that we are truly sons and daughters of God, our Loving
Father in Heaven!!!!! Read Alma 37:37 I LOVE it!!!!! And then, I was reading today in Jesus the Christ. I just started it so I was reading in chapter 2 that talks about the pre-mortal life. I read what it quotes from Moses about how Satan was trying to convince God to send Him and then the simple statement of Christ, “Send me and the Glory be Thine.” That to me is so perfect. Who wouldn’t want to follow someone who leads in that way. Only
Christ could have been chosen to come here and die for us!!! He didn’t want any of the Glory; He just wanted to serve our Father in Heaven!!!! And that is why we should ALL follow Him!!!! I testify that He is the Only Way to get back to our Father in Heaven!!!!!

So, A. came to the baptism!!!! He really liked it and went home saying he wants to be baptized this Sunday!!! And participated singing with the primary kids in a special musical number!! We are trying to get a set date with his parents for this Sunday. They want him to be baptized, but they just want to be sure he is ready and knows what he needs to before! They are really good parents!!! Just please pray your guts out for this miracle!!!! That they will feel that this is right and he is ready!! It was so sweet and awesome yesterday when Alan stated plainly when we challenged his dad, M., to pray specifically to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet, that he was a prophet. Straight out. He feels a testimony that he was a prophet!!! And then he started asking, please! Please! Can I be baptized?!!! He is SO AWESOME!!!! Those kids are such examples to me!!! I LOVE them!!!! Well, Hermana Blackmer and I are still doing great!!! All is well here in our AMAZING area!!!!!

LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR


Hermana Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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