August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014

So today I would like to tell you that we are still working hard here in the BEST area EVER!!! Ever since Pres. Brough told me he knew that I couldn’t go home early because one day I was meant to come to this area and I had to fight my guts out to get here. I am SO THANKFUL that I didn’t go home!!! And what do you know, today I have been in the Mission ONE YEAR!!!!
It goes by way too fast!!!!! But yeah, I am SO THANKFUL for ALL the experiences I have had here. My life and my eternity will NEVER be the same!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL that y’all were willing to suffer with me to get me this far!!!!! But I am SO THANKFUL and proud of this area, how much work and change Hna Blackmer and I have seen!!!!!! It is a miracle!!!! This is my area; it has carved such a delicate place in my heart. I am SO THANKFUL.
I feel like I am making a difference here, or actually that The Lord is making a difference through me here as His Servant!!! I would be good to live here forever if I had to!!! But we will see where the Lord wants me to be and what He wants me to experience still!!!!

So the family C.M., S. and O. are having a bit of trouble.... I really should not say I know things are going to happen until I actually KNOW, but still it’s good to be excited about the work!!! I was listening to the talk by Elder Ballard from last October that says that it is more important that you open your mouth. If it is still not their time as of yet, they will at least ALWAYS remember the LOVE you gave them, and I have Fe that the LOVE Hna S. and her kids felt in the church will one day, whether it is sooner or later,  bring her to the True Church of Christ!!!! So keep praying. We will see. Only Heavenly Father knows when!!!

We also found another SO PREPARED family this week that is actually friends of the familia D. that ALWAYS helps us with EVERYTHING!!!! They are the family Missionary power force of the ward!!!! But the parents aren’t married yet and the husband is married and not divorced yet from his first wife. A lot of people do that here, because the legal stuff is nuts. Although it will take forever with all the legal stuff and they need to stop working Sundays, one day in the future they will be baptized. Right now, we are focusing on the son who is 9 who can be baptized the 17th!!!!

Please pray your guts out for him!!!! He chose to read the whole pamphlet without any encouragement from his Mom and he really liked church on Sunday so did Jennifer, but the Dad still hasn’t attended because he was working, but I know he will LOVE it too!!!!!!

So, we went out with our friend J.C. who just got back from his mission in Columbia and Paola (of course) and an inactive friend of J.C. who is coming back to the church named L.!!! It was AWESOME!!!!
L. totally got into it!!! He was introducing us to all of his old neighbors and he was like, dude! I am coming with y’all every Sunday!!! This is great!!!! Four people received us that he introduced us too and they all committed to read the pamphlet and pray!!!!! That is the power of missionary work!!!! I know we can ALL do that with our friends and familias!!!! There is NO better way to strengthen your testimony than to share it!!!! Just be humble, pray for missionary experiences every day and then LOOK for them.
SEARCH for them!!!! And I promise as the Lord teaches, you WILL FIND THOSE who are ready!!!!!!

So Elder Ballard said in his last talk that all should read in Preach My
Gospel and then send the Missionaries what you are learning!!!! I think you should all start doing that and send me something about what y’all are learning!!!! It would be so cool to get that from y’all!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Have a FANTASTIC week!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL OF THE PRAYERS

I know that God lives, I know that Jesucristo is our Savior and Redeemer and through, ONLY through Him can we return to live with our Father in Heaven. It is possible if we exercise ALL Fe in Him at all times, in All things and ALL places!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


Hermana Tarah Ray Sherrod

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