August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014

Hey!!!! So I have some exciting news and some sad news.... So I have I HAVE
CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup!!!!! The happy news is that I will meet new friends and have the opportunity to meet new people!!!! Sad, because I LOVE MY AREA SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously feel like it is my area!!!! But I know I have done what The Lord wanted me to do here and I am SO HAPPY and EXCITED to go and do what the Lord would have me do in my next area!!!!! And take all I have learned with me!!!!! I am a little sad because I wanted to teach Vladimir and his family, but yeah, we never found them again really. They always said he was working and the parents and others didn’t have a interest to listen right now. I feel like at least I was meant to plant a seed with them. At least they will always remember the love we showed to them. If nothing else, at some point in the future I know they will be ready to move forward!!! I know from that experience with them that The Lord truly LOVES US and KNOWS US!!!! I testify to that!!!! I got to use at least a little sign language in this area and I am so thankful and happy for that!!! I wish they could have been baptized while I was here, but I know that it is not important if I am here when they are baptized, just that at some point in the future they are!!!!!

I have learned that a lot here on the Mission!!!! We can stand goodbyes in life, and we can stand time apart and missing special events, because this life is not all!!!!  I know with all my heart that there is the Celestial Kingdom and that if we make and keep sacred covenants with the Lord we will live there ALL together for Eternity!!! I know the Lord keeps ALL of His promises!!!!!!! We are making friendships here that weave into the Eternities!!!!! As Pres. Uchtdorf said in General Conference, we are not made up of beginnings and endings, but Eternal beginnings, because we are meant to be Eternal!!!!!! Keep it up working hard and living the Gospel with all your heart, because it is the ONLY thing that brings happiness in this life and the eternities, because it is designed to give us happiness unending!!!!!! Trust in your covenants with the Lord, Serve Him with all your heart, might, mind and strength with all you have!!!!!!!! I promise the promised blessings will come!!!! If not now, then later and they are worth waiting for, I testify they are worth fighting for!!!!!!!

We got to teach Dalila last night and it was the first time we have found her in several weeks. It was a really cool lesson. she will be baptized sometime here soon!!! Keep praying!!! Keep Hoping!!!! Josue wanted me to promise that I would come back in 2016 when he is old enough to go through the temple!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

Well I will be sure to let you know next week where I am and who I am with!!! I feel good about changes, but please still pray I will adjust well. I haven’t had a whole ton of anxiety at all, not anything compared to the beginning of my mission, but you know how it likes to just creep up sometimes... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU
FOR ALL OF THE PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL. I know I am here for y’all!!!! You are my eternal family and friends!!!!!! I want a life forever with each one of you!!!!!!!! Work hard, fight hard, live strong to the Gospel and I know the Lord will keep His promises!!!!!!!!! We just have to do our part, which really is SO little!!!!!!!!!!! Trust in the Lord!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful for all of the PILAS examples I have from ALL OF Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how to live the Gospel, because y’all taught me and you are still teaching me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for the Spirit to guide us each day!!!!!!!! Listen to the Spirit!!!!!!!!! Get rid of anything in your life that would hinder the whisperings of the Spirit of the Lord to tell you He loves you and all of us each day!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Tarah Ray Sherrod

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