July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

MORE MIRACLES and MORE PEOPLE to pray for!!!!! Haha!!!! THANK YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

So, to answer Vallan’s question right off the bat, we weren’t able to find D this week, but we are still working with her!!! Keep praying, I feel that she can for sure progress and be baptized in the coming weeks with lots of care and LOVE!!!!

So, let’s just go on talking a little more about how I LOVE setting goals and seeing miracles and tender mercies from Heavenly Father!!! So like I told you last week we worked like crazy and we were Blessed with 72 lessons. This week was a little less crazy, so we naturally had less lessons, but we still had more than we had been having in weeks past. So we have those standards of excellence here in the Mission, how many contacts we should have each day and lessons with a member each week at least. And the goal is to have that and go past it. Well the standard of excellence of having people in church is 8, 8 investigadores. And I have NEVER had that in my Mission!!! NEVER. We usually have 3 to 5 on a good week and 6 if it is great. Well, WE HAD 9!!!!!!! What a Blessing and Miracle from our hard work!!!!!! It was completely The Lord, we seriously did nothing, well we passed for people, a couple of members passed for people, but we didn’t actually end up bringing people to church ourselves. But when we got to church there on the second bench was our Faithful recent convert with her neighbor and 5 children!!!! We have contacted them before, but always said that she attended another church and was not interested in hearing our message. But turns out she had a bad experience with their pastor in her church and Hna. M. invited her to come to church with her!!!! She came and LOVED it!!!! She felt the LOVE from the members and we were SO IN AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it was like the happiness that comes with a bauptism!!!!!!!!! Especially since I know they will be bauptized this next month!!!! Please pray for them!!!!!!!!!!! So the Mom’s name is E.S., but goes by S. and she has 3 kids that are old enough to be bauptized, A. (12), J. (11) y E.(8). The other two M. and S. are 5 and 2. It was amazing, she LOVED the church, she felt good and at the end we asked when we could visit her and she said, today! So we visited her later and we were thinking that maybe her husband wouldn’t be interested in listening to us as is the case a lot here. The wife wants to listen but the husband doesn’t. So we entered into her house, which is just this little home made of tin walls and a dirt floor. And her husband was PILAS!!!! He didn’t come to church but he too wanted to listen and they are SO POSITIVE!!!!!!!!! Please pray for them!!!!!!! Their last name is C.M. It would be GREAT if you could take their names to the temple!!!! Oh and how all y’all doing on your temple attendance? Every week at least, right?!!!! Please enjoy the temple for me!!!! I miss it SO MUCH!!!!!!! But I am very happy to be Serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength in the Service of saving the living right now!!!!

I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for all of your prayers. I know they make the difference, I know I would not be here, having such marvelous experiences if it weren’t for y’alls Fe, because you kept it strong when mine was being tested and I felt was broken!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL OF YOUR LOVE!!!!!!! I know I will never be able to repay my Savior for all that He has done for me so that I will be able to be with you all for Eternity!!!!!! I LOVE our Savior and Redeemer Jesuscristo, I know that it is only by Him and His selfless LOVE that I walk each day and that I can even breathe, that I can repent each day and become better!!!!! That we ALL can!!!! And that is the message I am here to give!!!!

So I read a GREAT two verses the other day in Alma 4:13-14. The Nefitas began to be prideful and it was hindering the growth of the church, but through all that, there was still the members that were fiel and they kept working diligently, even though they had all the reason to be upset because they knew of and had complete Fe in Christ and His work, His Mission to save us all!!!! I LOVE it!!! I think it is the perfect example of Fe and HOPE!!!! We all need to walk every day with Hope in Christ in each footstep and that Hope comes from all our steps of Fe and obedience, all of our good works before the Lord!!!!! Don’t worry, be Happy, do the work of the Lord and continue on strong!!!!!

Well I am SO THANKFUL I am here Serving a Mission, I am SO GRATEFUL to be here in my area with my wonderful AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL companion!!!! I am So

GRATEFUL to be building eternal relationships, both with all those at home and all these precious spirits here!!!! I know we will have a FANTASTICO time in the Eternities!!!!! Live life in the way of the Lord, for I know He will come again and if we do all He asks cheerfully, we will see the miracles of change in our lives and when He is here it will be a Glorious and divine reunion!!!!!

I LOVE my area!!! We are doing so GREAT here and I AM SO THANKFUL!!!! Each day and its miracles is the pure LOVE of God being poured out upon His chosen people!!!! The Bishop mentioned last week that the goal of bauptisms this year for the ward is 48. Right now we have 15. I figure with A LOT of prayer, hard work, Fe and patience and LOVE for the people we can complete that goal with 7 bauptisms every month!!! So let’s do it!!!! I don’t know if I will still be here by the end of the year, but I am going to work every day like I am going to be and we will see where God sends me!!! I will be happy to go wherever it is He wants me!!! I will go and do what the Lord commands!!!!!



Hna Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!!!

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