July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014

Okay, so this week has been REALLY good. We didn’t get our goal of 25 with a member, we only had 17, but I am grateful for that 17!!! I know this week we can reach that 25!!! We will do it!!!
Hna. Blackmer and I are doing GREAT!!! We are really open and are able to talk really well with each other, so I have absolutely NO complaints about her! She is a GREAT leader and doing well being a senior companion and retention leader!!! And I am happy to help her always with whatever she needs, so I know we will be having more trials of  Fe and more success!!!

We had a few AWESOME miracles this week!!! Last Sunday, I contacted a girl in the street. She was really open and nice and said that we could come by the next Sunday and share more!!! Turns out she is old friends with the return Missionary that just came home. So we took him and another member with us to visit
her!!! It was a GREAT lesson with the Spirit really strong!!! She was participating, commenting and even taking notes!!! She is the CUTEST!!! She is 20ish... I cant remember her exact age right now... I will get on that! But it was really cool teaching with the members. That is why we need lessons with members!!!! It is something powerful when your friend can teach and testify with such power and you know that they care about you and so the Spirit of truth is right there testifying to every word!!! I really have GREAT Hope that she will progress!!!! But of course we need to have those GREAT prayers of Fe to help her along.  When we challenged her to be bauptized she said she couldn't accept the date yet, because she doesn't feel she will be able to change religions. But oh how we know how the The Lord has all power to soften and change the hearts of any who will come unto him!!! So the battle and hard work against Satan is on!!! And we know who will conquer!!! Miracles happen everyday!!!

So then we also found a REALLY positive hermana. We found her last week and just had a second visit with her last night!!! Way to go following the Spirit on a unplanned visit, Hna. Blackmer!!! The first visit we taught her all of lesson 1, about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. She was really humble and accepted all we taught!!! People like that are ALWAYS an example to me to be more willing to learn, to be more teachable, more humble, more Christ like!!! Last night she said, I will be honest I have not read in my pamphlet, but I did pray, every night. We taught her over a week ago, so the fact that she has been praying to know it was true every night is pretty impressive!!! She said that she hadn't received her answer yet, but she knows that that is because she hasn't read yet!!! PILAS!!!! She wants to know its true!!! I know she will receive her answer SOON!!!! She said she was going to read last night!!! She remembered all we had taught
her about prayer and how we pray to the Father, not to Christ and she said she really felt a difference, she feels more direct talking to Him and feels her prayers are more full of love and stronger!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL FOR HER!!!!

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