June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014

Heavenly Father LIVES and LOVES US TOO!!!!  

So please first of all, ALL PRAY HARD that Daniel will be baptized this
week!!!! This Sunday!!!! And that Julio will be able to come to church!!!

So I had changes. I received Hermana Blackmer as my companion!!!! She is from
Los Angeles California and is PILAS, PILAS!!!!!! We were in the same zone
for 2 changes in Santa and I was ALWAYS happy to talk to her and see her!!!
She helped me ALOT when I was depressed!!!! She said the PERFECT words to
me one day that kept me going!!!! I am SO THANKFUL that Heavenly Father
knows us, LOVES us perfectly and sends us Blessings each week, each day,
each moment!!!!

So, update on "V", we haven’t taught him since last week, but we are
working on it! No doubts! No worries! Hermana Paola is REALLY anxious to teach him with us again!!! She is my BEST FRIEND!!!! She LOVES sign language,
Once Upon a Time, she likes to come teaching with us - do you need more
evidence that she is PILAS?!!!! Anyway... back to Hermana Blackmer. So pretty
much, she is Shyanne. Like really. We MUST be related. I feel like I am
living with Shyanne, and don’t worry that is a GREAT thing!!!! Hahaha!!!! No
really, she is FANTASTIC!!! And acts and talks just like Shy!!!! haha!!!! I
LOVE IT!!!! We work really well together and it’s been GREAT!!! She is
helping me to be a better Missionary and I am really THANKFUL!!!!
Anyway, a cool experience we had Sunday night. We were walking on the street to an appointment when Hermana Blackmer stopped and contacted a guy and I too felt like we should contact. It was an AMAZING lesson!!!! He lived in the states for a long time, talks perfect English so we ended up having the WHOLE
lesson in English on the street. His name is Ian, please pray for him. He doesn’t know if he believes in God, but it was a powerful lesson that
changed my perspective ALOT about things!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL I know that
God lives, HE LOVES US!!!! We are His children and He is here for us!!!!!

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