June 17, 2014

June 17, 2014

I have SO MUCH to tell you!!!! I am going to write you an email about what happened on Sunday, our day of miracles!!! But I need to tell you what happened this morning!!!

We woke up at 5:15 to those ground fireworks... what do you call those? Fire crackers? From our Bishop, his wife and son for my birthday!!! THEY ARE THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!!!! I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE PEOPLE HERE!!! THIS AREA IS INCREDIBLE!!! I have a feeling I am going to be changed, just because I LOVE it SO MUCH here!!! I know the only way I can show my gratitude to The Lord is work harder, really, because I am just so THANKFUL!!! I still have ALOT of work to do here and ALOT of learning to do!!! I am EXCITED!!! Anyway, so they gave me two presents, which I didn’t get to open yet, because I didn’t think it was right to open them before 8:14 and then we had to leave to go to district meeting. But I am SO EXCITED to see what they are!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!! And then we came to district meeting and our district leader, Elder Orillo, (he is from Peru by the way) bought us Dominos Pizza!!! I am so HAPPY and THANKFUL!!! And then he went and bought CHEESECAKE!!! I am going to be loaded in my sinuses but at least it tastes amazing!!! HAHAHA!!! REALLY, this is an INCREDIBLE DAY!!! And the sky is full of BEAUTIFUL clouds!!!! Oh and Hermana Blackmer sang Happy Birthday and gave me two little presents (I haven’t gotten to open those either) and a Birthday card!! And she put on the window above my desk Happy Birthday!!! I am going to try and send pictures!!! But I just wanted you to know I am doing GREAT!!! I am having a FANTASTICO day and I am so GRATEFUL for EVERYONE, including ya’ll and all ya’ll are doing for me!!!!!

I didn’t get my package yet, but we have a conference tomorrow and I should be getting it, we will see!!! But I know it will come, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I seriously feel like I can’t thank you or Heavenly Father enough, EVER for the Blessings I receive in SO MANY WAYS!!!!

I am SO HAPPY ya’ll will be celebrating with cake and tamales and enchiladas!!! I thought of ya’ll singing to me at 8:14. I don’t know if ya’ll did, but I was thinking of ya’ll!!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE YA’LL!!!

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