June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014

Subject: Here You Go!!!  Miracle Sunday!!!

I have NO idea how this always happens!!!! But here I am with 6 minutes again!!!

So last week for Sunday we went ALL around the neighborhood in the morning,
passing by for ALL of our investigadores to bring them to church. Our goal is to
have 8 in church, but we have never reached that here in this area since I have
been here. But we always try to reach it!!! So we were working hard, really running
all over the place. I am serious, we were running, and we only had "A".
Which we were very grateful for, because she was going to be baptized, but still
we only had one investigador in church. We were sitting in church the second hour
 in class when one of the sisters came and said that there was a man outside who said
we had invited him to church. We ran outside and there was this little old man, "M.L". who had come. He had walked around for the first hour and a half trying to find the church and at last he did! The Lord brought
him to church!!! It was a pure miracle!!! And everything passed by PERFECTLY with "A’s" baptism!!!

Gotta go!!!! Please pray for "M".!!!

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