June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014

So, Hermana Blackmer and I are doing GREAT here in our area!!!!! I feel that it is the BEST area in the WHOLE ENTIRE Mission and world!!!!! I LOVE it here!!!! And that’s probably because I need and I know I am suppose to be here!!!!!!!! We have a baptism this weekend for an 18 year old, "A"! She is doing great, but of course needs your prayers please!!!! She has to make a few more changes before baptism and then she will be set!!! Her sister, "M J" is a convert and it has been GREAT working with them both!!!!

The sister of “V” is named “C”. We just taught her for the first time this week!!!! She is deaf like I mentioned before and it was a really quick, but special lesson!!! Hermana Blackmer was really happy.  She said she didn’t know everything that was going on, but she felt the Spirit really strong!!! I am really thankful!!! I was wondering how this experience teaching them would transfer to Hermana Blackmer from Hermana Sol, but it is WONDERFUL!!!! I know we are supposed to teach them!!!! I am SO THANKFUL I am here!!!! I knew I would sign on my Mission!!!! And I am SO THANKFUL that even when my Fe was weak you all supported me SO MUCH to keep me here!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for how the Mission has changed my life!!!! And even though those annoying hard times happen in life I am so thankful we get to trust in the Lord more and grow!!!! I feel like the first part of my Mission I was Peter trying to walk on the water, I had confidence at first, but the storm let it waver!!!! I will be stronger now in my life ahead for all I have learned!!!! And I will ALWAYS trust in the Lord and be Faithful beyond fear!!!! Because that is how we become queens and kings, sons and daughters of God!!!!


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