October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

So, in the MTC, I tell these stories in full detail on my tapes to yall, I need to finish up some stories, since we only can do that on p-day I think, I need to ask if I am allowed to use my recorder after 9:30 if we have time, like we ever have time though, it’s a great fun rush to eat and get ready for bed after planning, because we need to have the lights off at 10:30 exactly. I am finding that I am actually having lots of fun striving to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT. It makes great stories of running home.

Like last night. Jaja. It was last night I realized that I really actually LOVE being obedient. I know it’s a pure act of Faith and my LOVE for God and realization of His LOVE for me. And I know I can do it because I was blessed to be able to in my setting apart Blessing and I know yalls prayers truly are working to strengthen, help me and cause me to stand all day every day. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU.
So, while I was in the CCM I got to have dinner with Sister Oscarson, and Sister Stephens, the General Young Women’s President and the General Relief Society First Counselor who were here in Guatemala and a Seventy and his wife, from here. I really wish I remembered his name. You will probably want to look it up. But he was who I sat across from and actually talked to mostly, him and his wife. They are the SWEETEST and I LOVE THEM ALL. I am so GRATEFUL for our leaders in the Church; they truly have been called by inspiration of the Lord to do His work here on Earth, just as we all have been to do our part. For we all have special callings to build His kingdom here on Earth – You and me and EVERYONE. I am SO GRATEFUL to know where I BELONG.

Okay, anyway. So my last two weeks in the CCM there was a deaf Elder from Honduras, Called to Costa Rica. And the first week and half, he was having a hard time understanding what was going on in his classes. And well, I tell the whole story with all the details on my tape, so I don’t even know where to begin on here. But in short, Hna Brower, who is from Springville and both her parents are deaf so sign is her first language, and I got to receive the Gift of Interpretation and Serve him for our last 5 days in the CCM. It was the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE I have had here.  It was SO INCREDIBLE. I AM SO THANKFUL, SO, SO THANKFUL.

I know, I know I was supposed to study sign for my Mision. And here I am serving the Lord using my talents, as said in my setting apart blessing; your talents will be realized and developed. And here I am so blessed with learning another language hand in hand at the same time. I am SO GRATEFUL. I LOVE THE LORD and HIS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PLAN FOR ALL OF US.

REALLY, SO THANKFUL FOR ALL YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME. Whenever I think of LOVE I think of yall, when I testify that I know this church is true and that God TRULY LOVES us and families are from Him, I know its true because I am SO BLESSED Beyond Description with having you as my family. And all the other branches of our AMAZING FAMILIA

I have two minutes. It’s seventeen right now. WHOO-HOO. LOVE YOU THANK YOU.

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