September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

Ultimo semana en la CCM, primera semana en el campo!!!!

Hey all ya´ll!!!! First off, familia and friends I miss you!!!! I am finally hit with homesickness!!!! AAAAHHH!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS!!!! I know I have the strength of your FAITH behind me!!!! And it is seriously what keeps me going!!!!! Whenever I feel bad, I think of all of you and your LOVE and prayers especially mi familia, extended familia as well, and then all my friends and every member of the church praying for me and I keep going!!!!! I can do this!!!!

 It´s SOSOSO MUCH FUN!!!!! I´m just realizing finally how long 1 and half to 2 years is!!!! CRAZY!!!!! It is ALL TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH!!!!! SO THANKS FOR YOUR STRENGTH and FAITH and ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS FOR ME!!!!!! I am SOSOSOSOSO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!

So my first week in the field has been AMAZING!!!!!! SOSOSOSO AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
The language is coming, it’s moving quickly. My mente is definitely being quickened as promised in my setting apart blessing!!!!! I feel the strength of The Spirit in me and as I focus my mind, I really understand almost all that is being said!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL!!!! It´s not exact comprehension, I use words I know and follow the context, but it is SO DEFINITELY MOVING FORWARD FAST!!!!! I have tripled my knowledge out here, I think!!!!!

We´re in an area Sonora, I believe... I am not entirely sure. It is in or near Amatitlan, a suburb of the city, right along the border of it!!!! I already ABSOLUTELY LOVE the people here!!!! The investigadores and miembros aqui!!!!! Our investigadores are wonderful!!!!! SO SWEET!!!!! And I know they are my brothers and sisters and I desperately want them to partake of the joy of the word of God, the fruit of the Tree of Life and find ABSOLUTE JOY in enduring to the end and receiving Eternal Life!!!! That is EXACTLY why I am here!!!!!! Because I have brothers and sisters aqui, All of them are my brothers and sisters in The Lord and they are the only reason I can keep going and be without my familia in this life for this short time!!!! I am SO BLESSED being asked to Serve the Lord on a Mision, giving all of my corozon, alma, mente y fuerza!!!!! I LOVE The Lord and my Padre Celestial!!!!! They are the only thing I LOVE most!!! And it is TRULY by Their Wisdom and Design and Strength and Power I am here!!!! So I will be here with ALL I AM and do my work!!!!! And I know the Lord will pour out His blessings upon me and everyone here and at home, as also promised in my setting apart blessing!!!!! Thank you Vallan for telling me to write that down!!!!! I am writing down all of the blessings I can remember from here on out to help me!!!!!
So my companions name is Hna. Saavedre!!!! She is from El Salvador!!!! And is the Hna leader overseeing all the other hermanas’ trainers for this Northern half of the Mision, this side of the Montañas!!!! So in all sincerity, I seriously got BEST OF THE BEST!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!!! Our expectation is to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!! To keep EVERY rule to the T, jaja. I just realized I could say, “T is for Tarah!!!” Jaja.... Anyway, and to EXCEL to our most EXCELLENT!!!!! We strive for excellence in all our diligent work here and I know it is EXACTLY what the Lord needs me to prepare for the future and work on now!!!!! Please pray for me you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jajaja!!!!! Seriously!!!!! I need all the extra help and blessings of The Lord that he will so Mercifully pour upon me!!!!!!! Oh another awesome fact, some of the trainers have double trainees, due to the 16 new hermanas in our group!!!!! Yeah, seriously!!!! So, I´m still with Hermana Rassmussen!!!!! The Lord must have a GRAN work for us to do together!!!!!!! Except, she actually has her own trainer as well, the other Hermana leader overseeing the other trainers, Hermana Santana!!! I LOVE all of them!!!! We four live together and split off sometimes, but we´re a companionship of 4, except when one of them needs to go on divisions!!! Gotta go!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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