October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

I don´t have pictures, yet sorry, because my camera is broken. But I´m going to use Hna. Rasmussen´s with my card in her camera, if I remember to ask her for it next p'day!!! Our apartment is nice, it´s like a house. We have white tile floors, yellow textured walls. Three bedrooms, one is mine and Hna. Saavedre´s, the other Hna Rasmussen´s and Hna. Santana´s and the other our closest. Although, I keep my clothes’ suitcase and my small carry-on (I use for my hygiene stuff) in the room with us. I hung up the Moroni flag on the wall by my bed and made constellations with the stars, my first p’day. I also bought scripture pictures at the Distribution Center here while I was in the MTC and I have those in chronological order under the flag. Above my head I have the ¨You Are Never Alone¨ and “It´s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.¨ posters. We live in a nice, gated colonial. It´s really safe, so no worries. It has guards with REALLY BIG guns. Seriously. They´re all over the place here, so it´s good. They´re really friendly and always say hi and respond when I ask how they are doing, and smile, so it´s good.

We have ants, but that´s it. And some small kind of tiny, tiny, tiny bug - I´m not sure what it is. We don´t have cockroaches, thank goodness. I am really GRATEFUL. One night I was kind of complaining about the ants, there were just SO many of them it seemed on our table that serves as our counter, but as soon as I was complaining about the many ants I was trying to kill, a cockroach came out of nowhere!!! And it was HUGE!!!! I was like, are you serious!!! And I immediately said, SORRY!!!! I´m really GRATEFUL we only have the ants!!!! I felt that the Lord was seriously aware of me, because right after that the cockroach vanished and hasn´t been heard from since. So yeah, it´s good and I´m seriously so GRATEFUL!!!

We have cold showers, but it’s really not bad. We shower right after exercise in the morning. We wake up at 5:30. I wake up about 4:45 so I can pray decently before starting the day. I really need to have the time to reflect, remember the Lord, receive revelation and have comfort for the day and dedicate my day to the Lord. And of course a good couple of minutes to think of ya´ll and pray with all my heart for ya´ll and THANK the Lord I have YA¨LL FOREVER!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for YA´LL and all the prayers on my behalf!!!!! YOU have no idea the power that I receive because of ya´lls’ Faithfulness and Eternal LOVE for me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We have a little stove, with two thingies that you cook on. What do you call that? Stove tops... that we plug in. We don´t have an oven, but we do have a microwave and a large fridge. We have a sink in the kitchen, just outside the bathroom which of course has a nice shower and toilet and then we also have a large three part sink for washing clothes outside our back door, which just leads off the kitchen to a cement slab and cinder block wall where our laundry line runs. So far I´ve only washed a few things. I really like it, I think it´s fun!!!! I sent more of my things to the laundry this week though, so I don´t have to worry about that at night as much! Yay!!! Using our precious time here with wisdom and plus we pay for the laundry each month, so might as well use it the most I can!!! The lady who washes our clothes is a sweet member from the ward named Hna. Chavez. And we have another member from the ward who cooks our lunch every day!!! It´s really good, not too different, pasta, rice and beans, but it is EXCELLENT and I always eat double portions because we´re working hard, I´m definitely hungry!!!!

I´m going to go read the other letters and respond to some other questions now!!! I Hope this gave you some pretty good ideas about what is happening here, for the regular life part at least!!!

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