October 29, 2014

Subject:  BUENAS!!!!! De Guatemala!!!!!

October 29, 2013

So I don´t even know where to start...
Um, I have changes this week!!!! And I´m WAY EXCITED!!!! I like change. And I think the Lord knows I need it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the people here, our investigadores, our ward, and of course my companions, I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!! And just when I had decided to I would be content to be here for 6 months, (because that happens a lot here for your first area) we got the phone call saying Hna. Saavedra would be training another Hna. from my change and I would be leaving. Hahaha!!!! I LOVE The Lord. He definitely has a sense of humor!!!! Hahaha!!!! 

One of the recent converts here blessed the Sacrament this week for the first time!!! And it was PERFECT!!! He didn´t have to do it again or anything!!!! He was baptized a couple of weeks before I got here, he is in his late 40´s and doesn´t have any family at all, so pray for him!!! He is PILAS!!! He´s preparing to attend the temple!!! I´m going to miss him when I transfer!!! 

Esta cambio (change) is the last change of Hna. Santana, so Hna. Rasmussen is also receiving and new trainer too. I´m going to miss Hna. Santana and Hna. Rasmussen so much, they have been such a help to me!!! Hna. Rasmussen and I have been together as companions the whole time in the Mision, so this will be weird, but I´m WAAAAAAY EXCITED and I know it´s for the BEST!!!!!

So I need to tell you about the baptism of E, she is SO AMAZING!!!! I can´t describe how much I LOVE her!!!! She is SO VALIENTE (Brave) and Valiant!!!! It was the MOST ESPECIAL experience I have had while in the Mision Field BY FAR!!!! It was one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL things I have memory of witnessing ever in my life!!!! And every time I think of it, it makes me SO HAPPY and I remember the feelings of perfect cleanliness from my own baptism!!!! She was SO, SO HAPPY!!!! When she came out of the font, Hna. Santana and I were waiting for her, to hand her towel and such. And she was just smiling SO BIG!!!! And crying!!!! We just hugged her forever and didn´t want to let go!!!! She was whispering thank you, thank you. And we of course were thanking her!!! I was thanking her SO MUCH, and jumped up and down a bit!!!! Because it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I just kept thinking as I watched her enter the water and the baptism preformed, this is why I am here. THIS IS WHY I AM HERE!!!! And after I asked, isn´t it the BEST feeling?!!! She said yes of course. And then we talked about our mutual desires for her whole family to be baptized!!!! I really hope I get to send pictures of that this next week from Hna. Saavedra and Santana!!!! Please keep praying. I know the Lord is working miracles here from ya´lls Fe back home and your gran prayers are being answered!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! 

I´m going to try and send pictures now, so I´ll go ahead and send this and maybe write some more if I can!!!! LOVE YA¨LL!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND ALL YOU HAVE ALWAYS TAUGHT ME!!!!!

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