October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

HOWDY!!!!! Oh it feels so good to say HOWDY!!!! I think I´ll do it again, HOWDY!!!!
Entonces (So or anyways)
This week was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! We had our first baptism since I´ve been in the area!!!!! A sweet sister!!!! Her daughter and son are miembros and they just had a baby girl my first week here!!!! They were inactive, but the daughter, has the STRONGEST testimony and is so knowledgeable of the Gospel and her husband is amazing too!!!! I think they will be coming to church every week now, I Hope!!!!!

The Baptism was the coolest experience. It was Fast Sunday, so not only was the Spirit WAY STRONG, but stronger to and I was SO in tune with it!!!!!! I had had a hard day Friday and it was really a trial of my Fe (Faith) just to keep walking and talking, but I did. I knew if I didn´t, I would be giving up on the Lord and confidence in Him and His Atonement, because it is only through Him we can find relief from the trials, tribulation and adversary in this world. And as I kept walking and talking, the world began to grow brighter, and Angels comforted me. I am SO GRATEFUL for the comfort of the Spirit!!!!! SO, SO, SO GRATEFUL!!!!! And I am SO GRATEFUL to see so literally the miracles and Blessings that come after the trials of our Fe!!!!!! The Baptism of Oralia was the MOST AMAZING and INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE in the field by far and I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!! SO THANKFUL to be Serving the Lord and helping to bring others unto our Lord and Savior by listening to His Spirit and being a tool in His hands!!!!!! 

We are also teaching another couple and their two year old, precious daughter. They are PILAS!!!!! (PILAS is our word here in Guatemala for ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!) It also means battery, I´ll get to that later, hopefully.

So, they attended the Sunday morning session of General Conference and all three hours this last week and stayed for the baptism too!!!!! They´re incredible!!!! We first taught them my first Sunday here; and as we were ending the lesson, The Book of Mormon was mentioned and Hna. Saavedre gave a simple brief explanation and said we would talk about it later. I got this overwhelming feeling to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon right then, but I didn´t know if I had understood right entirely and at first didn´t say anything, because I was thinking, well if Hna. Saavedre isn´t offering them one, maybe we shouldn´t yet... But then all through the prayer, I kept thinking we need to give them one... How do I do this... I was thinking over the Spanish I knew in my head be able to give them one... And then we were walking out the door and as we turned and started to head down the street, I said to Hna. Saavedre in English, “I really want to give them a Book of Mormon...” And she looked at me and asked, “Really?” I replied, “Yeah, I really do.” And she smiled really big and she was like, let´s give them one! If the Spirit is telling you that, it´s right! So, we went right back, knocked on the door. I gave a quick explanation and invited them to read it before our next visit, which wouldn´t be until the next Sunday, because that is the only day he has off from work and his schedule is really sporadic about when he gets home. It´s usually late. So, the next Sunday we visited and oh my goodness, they are so prepared and elect!!!! He had read the Restoration pamphlet and all of the opening to the Book of Mormon, the testimonies, introduction, EVERYTHING and the first 7 chapters of 1Nefi!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! They are the BEST!!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL for them and their example of Fe!!!!! They are waiting for an answer that the church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. So please pray for them to receive there answer!!!!!! They are doing so amazing!!!!

We have another baptism this weekend on Saturday for a SWEET, SWEET. We´re hoping for her husband and two sweet boys who are 10 and 8 too!!!! I feel SO CLOSE to them. They're like my own little brothers!!!! Her husband is starting to open his heart A LOT to the Gospel as well, his Fe is developing!!! So please pray for him too!!!!!

And B...., she is golden!!!! We found her because I accidentally chose the wrong house while trying to find our other investigador!!!! Please pray for them both as well!!!!!! B.... is a single mom with two children, a son that is 14 and I believe an older daughter. She is INCREDIBLE!!!!! We gave the first lesson to her just in the doorway and didn´t even finish, but she attended General Conference and the first 2 hours of Church this last week!!!!! C.... is 14 and her Mom is a convert (inactive), our first lesson with her was INCREDIBLE!!!! The Spirit was near tangible and she felt it so strong, she began to cry. And her SWEET, SWEET, SWEET cousin D....!!!! I placed my first two copies of Book of Mormons with them!!!! The trouble with them is they´re hard to catch at home, but pray we´ll be able to catch them!!!! Also please pray for the brother of J..... His wife P.... is an inactive member who we are working with and their 3 boys. They actually live right across from their cousins!!!!! SO FUN!!!!! Reminds me of our close familia!!!!! I LOVE them ALL!!!!!! We had such a fun Family Home Evening with them last night!!!!! 

I gotta Go!!!!! THANK YOU MOM and ALL for EVERYTHING!!!!! DO WELL in the Work!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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