November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

So this week....

Okay!!!!! So to answer Mom's question from the other email: YES!!!! We are still teaching Brenda and Miguel!!! They weren't there when we knocked in the morning to take them to church. But we did have a short lesson with Brenda earlier in the week and from what I understood she did pray and ask about Joseph Smith and said she felt good!! We found her in the morning on like Wednesday and right as we came, her dad who doesn't actually live there, but actually lives near the Temple was there and he told us that he and his wife are members of the church!!! That they were baptized about 4 years ago!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!!! He doesn't have a phone, so it'll be hard to communicate with him, but we did get his address so that we can tell him to come when they are going to baptized. They dont have a baptismal date yet, because its been hard to teach them, they haven't been home and such, but we are going to keep trying!!!! I have Fe!!! I feel that God sent me to them or them to me!!! And if I dont do anything else in this area I want to baptize them!!!

But speaking of the area, we are actually teaching A LOT of positive people!!!! We found this girl this week Kenia, who is 18. We found her two weeks ago and just shared something short and left a pamphlet, but when we came back on Saturday she had read it all!!! And she understood everything. We explained about how Christ's church was organized and how it was restored by Joseph Smith!!! At the end of the lesson in her prayer, she asked that she would be able to feel that this all was true!!!! She is GOLDEN!!! Please pray for her!!!!

Also this other boy we are teaching, Domingo came to church on Sunday!!!! He has a baptismal date for the 30th of this month!!! Please pray hard for him!!!! He is a good kid!!! And has a good desire to be baptized!!! He just has a hard time reading in the Book of Mormon and its hard for him to stay reverent in the lessons, because is SO FUNNY!!!! Every lesson he has us laughing SO HARD!!!!

So, that is how it is going with teaching for the most part!!! We had a couple of cool teaching experiences teaching people who dont actually live in our area, but we passed them on as references to the other areas. There was this one lady that said 10 years ago she was going to church, but she never understood about Joseph Smith, she didn't like that part. We taught her about how important Prophets are and challenged her to pray and ask God if He has Called a Prophet in these days. She said that she didn't need to pray, because she could already feel that he was a Prophet, that she had never understood before, but now listening to it again she did!!!! The Spirit was really strong!!! It was really cool!!!!

Well, I gotta go!!!! But remember to ALWAYS look for someone you can share the Gospel with!!!! This work does not go forward without references from the members!!!! Nothing happens until we find someone to teach!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS for the prayers!!!!!!! I am praying for y'all EVERYDAY!!!!! Love, Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!!!

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