November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Well so this week my sister got married!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I have
another brother!!! YIKES!!! Just kidding!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY and
EXCITED for Eternal Families!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THANKFUL to our
Heavenly Father for His Eternal, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT Plan of HAPPINESS for
His children!!!!!!!!! He LOVES EACH and EVERYONE of us, with a PERFECT LOVE
and I AM SOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to testify EVERY DAY SO
MANY TIMES that He LIVES, HE LOVES US!!!!! And He has a PERFECT plan and I
testify that no matter what you are going through, no matter Satan is
trying to throw at you, ALL sadness can be swept in the Perfect Hope that
He LIVES and LOVES us!!!! That Christ died for EACH and EVERYONE of
us!!!!!! ALL of us can change and be made PERFECT in Him!!!! I KNOW its
true!!!!!!!! I testify as a Representative of Jesus Christ that He LIVES,
He LOVES YOU and He wants ALL of us to return home and He has restored His
TRUE church and Gospel to the Earth and because He has done that, FAMILIES
CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! I know The Lord LOVES US and He will
complete with ALL of His promises as we are Faithful and strive to follow
and become as He is!!! As we live as He did!!!! Obedient to our Father in
Heaven, with exactness ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

So Stephanie was baptized this week!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was durring the week so it was just a few
members, the familia Luna who introduced us to her (we have been
teaching her in their home), the Bishop and a few others, another friend of
Stephanie who is a member too!!!! It was cool, because there was a small
earthquake right after she was baptized as we were singing hymns and
waiting for her to come out of the bathroom!! And one of the sisters there
said that it was shaking all the way from the Heavens because the Angels were
rejoicing!!! And I said, that it was the gates of hell shaking, because
another prisoner had gone free!!!!!!!! 

I am SO THANKFUL for the GOSPEL!!!!!!! I know when we are bauptized are wrongs are washed away and we are forgiven for our sins!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for ALL the Miracles this week!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO THANKFUL that we can make Covenants with God and that He will ALWAYS lead us by the Spirit to completing those
covenants with Him!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father wants us home!!!! He will NOT
let us fail!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this is all for this week, I will be writing more next week I hope!!!!
Hna Macias and I are still doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is SO
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We decided that she
will be marrying Vallan!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!
Tarah Ray Sherrod!!!!!!!!!

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