December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

Thanks my Angels!!!!!

Okay, so I don´t even know where to begin!!!! Okay, so this transfer has definitely taught me humility as well as a good portion of patience!!!!
And it´s good to know that even if life isn´t perfect, even if you feel like you’re losing it and not doing all you can, because it´s not perfect, you really are!!!! SO JUST DON´T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!! But goodness knows I know that is easier said than done!!!!! But with The Lord all things are possible, so surely He can help us calm down and deal with life... He truly is our Father in Heaven, our Eternal Father, we´re going to have fits every now and then, we´re going to get frustrated and just want to yell and scream emotionally and well give up!!! But like a perfect parent, He will calm our fears, lift us up and help us to learn.... He understands EVERYTHING, PERFECTLY!!!!! So put ALL your Hope, Fe and LOVE in Him and you will get through!!!! Even if you get a few scratches, scraps, cuts, burns... He will heal you and you will learn and grow and become stronger with that knowledge of the past for the future!!!!
I LOVE THE LORD SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! And I am SO THANKFUL for the opportunity to Serve Him and only Him, to put all of my focus of my life, all my Heart,
Might, Mind and Strength to Him for at least 18 months!!!!!

So Thanksgiving really was a day of Thanksgiving for me!!!!!! I had
Divisions with an AMAZING sister, Hna. Larson!!!! And her first area in the
Mission is the area I am in right now, El Bilbao, Santa Lucia. And she is
ABSOLUTELY PILAS!!!!! I was still doubting at that point what good I could do here, if I couldn´t speak Spanish and all that, I keep having moments where I see all the ¨can’ts¨ instead of ¨cans¨ about things!!! But she showed me I really could!!!! That Division really opened my eyes and she really helped me SO MUCH!!!!! She went through nearly the exact same thing I am right now and she was really able to help me!!!!!! I´ve been told by many of the Hermanas here The Lord wants me to be a leader, that I will Lead others in the Mission and I know I can do that because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PEOPLE!!!! And I am SO THANKFUL to know in the future in one way or another, I will be helping a sweet, scared sister just like me. And I know I have grown SO MUCH from this experience that even though I hated walking through Hell, I´m glad I know the adversary and his hatred enough to know God and His PERFECT LOVE for me and everyone that much better!!!!!! I´m still climbing the hill, I´m still going to have rocks and I´ll slip and fall at times, but Heavenly Father will ALWAYS, ALWAYS lift me up and by His Spirit and His Angels I will get through this Mission and through this life!!!!! And I want ya´ll to realize, ya´ll are those Angels!!!!! I have those other Angels with me from the other side of course, but I have ya´ll too and you are my saving angels!!!!!! Thank you for ALL of your prayers and fasting and all of your TRUE LOVE for me that has passed the time and space in the miracles of God to help me on my Mission!!!! I don´t care about the technicalities of it all, you really all are right here with me!!!!
Even though I don´t see you, I feel your TRUE LOVE for me EVERYDAY!!!!
EVERY MINUTE!!!! And please know HOW SOOO GRATEFUL I AM!!!!! I am praying for you ALL ALWAYS!!!!! I am on this Mission because of you, for you and for all the people here and that is the only thing that keeps me going!!!!!
Bad days will pass... Bad days will happen, but I have ya´ll, I have the people I LOVE here, my companion, my Mission Pres. and his wife, the other
Missionaries, the members and of course our investigators!!!! And MOST
IMPORTANT I have Christ!!!! Who walked this path before, He cut the trail!!!! So I can climb it!!!! Following Him in every step and watching for those rocks and trials and facing every new challenge, steep step and switch back with His LOVE!!!!
Gotta go, but I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Hna. Tarah Ray Sherrod

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