November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013


So, I am first of all SO THANKFUL for my family!!!!! I LOOOOVVEEE THEM SO
MUCH!!!!!!!! I have my LOVE and support from home and I am SO THANKFUL!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL for the people here, the people of Guatemala are nothing but ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Inside and out!!!!! They TRULY are the children of Lehi, children of God and I can feel and truly know His LOVE for them!!!!!!

We have a wedding and baptism planned for the weekend of the 7th and 8thof December, for a couple who two of their sons are members, one is on his Mission right now in Nicaragua!!! And the other is preparing to leave when he turns 18!!! The second son´s name is Estuardo and he is what I would
call a Son of Helaman, the perfect image of one!!! He will baptize his parents and I just can´t believe how fortunate I am to witness such a BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE of the Lord!!!!!! The Lord TRULY LOVES ME I KNOW and I TRULY KNOW HE LOVES ALL OF US!!!!! Never doubt the LOVE of the Savior for you!!!!! Never doubt what you can do with His power and the miracles you are working EVERYDAY!!!!

More of my gratitude: I´m SO THANKFUL for our Stake President who said how good my Spanish was yesterday and how we are angels!!!! And all the cute kids that like to play with me!!!!

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