December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

Miracles from on High!!!!!!

Okay, so how do I get into this! This is the MOST AMAZING STORY EVER! So, Domingo after church, we didn’t have a cita (appointment) but the night before I felt we should pass by one of our investigadores who hadn’t been home when we passed by earlier in the week.  Hna. Morales and I both thought we should stop by. At the house of our investigador, there was another mujer (woman), and she was drinking. But she wasn’t too intoxicated. But, she came up to us at the door and at first I thought she was mad at us, because well, sometimes people just don’t like us, because we’re Missionaries, you know... Well, she asked in a sort of harsh voice, “Are we all children of God?” And I answered, “Yes, we are all children of God.” And she said, “Write down my name.” So I looked at Hna. Morales, because-well I was debating how drunk she was (the lady, not Hermana. Morales). Hna. Morales told me to write it down. So I did. She gave me her first and last name and address and told us to come at 7. And then she changed it to 6. So, we said in a few hours we would stop by. And she said in one hour, and we were like, but it’s 2 o’clock right now...  And she said, “Now it’s 5, isn’t it?” And I said to myself, well its 5 o’clock somewhere... I thought it was quite funny, but of course no one speaks English, so it was only me that got the joke. But she asked the others there in the house what time it was and they answered that is was 2. So, at 6 we stopped by her house.

When we walked inside, she apologized for the mess of papers that was covering one of the love seats in her house and we told her it was all fine, no problem, and then I noticed the papers were mostly pages from the Liahona which had underlines, notes on the sides and circled phrases. She began handing us the pages and asking us to explain them to her. So long story shorter, we learned she just had someone pass away (I believe her best friend who was 32 if I understood correctly) 3 days before and she was very clearly suffering. So we began to teach the Plan of Salvation, we didn’t get too far because she had LOTS and LOTS of questions, which I LOVE as a Missionary! It shows the interest to learn and she is SO READY! She needs this! THE SPIRIT WAS THE STRONGEST I REMEMBER POSSIBLY EVER FEELING IN MY LIFE! And my LOVE for her is SO STRONG! I felt her friend that had passed away there with us and I could feel GENERATIONS! Literally GENERATIONS! Her parents or grandparents I’m not sure, but they were there and I knew in that moment, she is the reason I am in this area. She is a special Daughter of God, so special; I have never felt SO MUCH LOVE for someone I had just met! The room was bright with the Spirit and out of nowhere I had a feeling to tell about Essa and how I knew how she felt, losing her best friend. And, I felt Essa there. And we just connected! I told her I know Essa is my Angel and I know her friend is her angel and she said, YES! Yes, she is my Angel! And wow, I don’t have the words... But its moments like that that make the hard times of the Mision just worth it! We talked for a time with her, offering our testimonies scriptures of comfort and love for her! She wanted us to come by the next day, but she ended up not being able to visit with us yesterday, but we have a cita for today. So I am very excited!!!! SHE IS THE SWEETEST DAUGHTER OF GOD! I don’t know how to describe my LOVE for her!!!! But it’s TRUE!!! And it’s from God, because I TRULY know in that experience with her, He TRULY, PERFECTLY LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!!!!

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