November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

Subject:  BUENAS YA'LL!!!!! How goes life!!!!!!!!!

So, I just want to testify that our Heavenly Father is aware of positively EVERYTHING in our lives!!!!!!!! And His Plan is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!!!

So my new area is GREAT!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!!!!! I´m near the Coast in a city called Santa Lucia. And I feel like Ammon. My old comprenera said that there was like 3 worlds in Guatemala, the City, the Coast, and the Montanas (the Mountains). And boy was she right. Everyone here has such a different perspective of religion than they do in the City. In the City, people were more familiar with God and Jesus Christ and their roles in our lives. But here in the Coast for the most part, this idea of God and our Savior Jesus Christ, is like a fairytale they sort of heard about when they were little. So, I have A LOT of work to do!!!!! A LOT!!!!! And I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!! My only concern is that I´ll be able to teach the doctrine clearly. I really have to start from nothing, teaching what certain words mean and such. I asked one woman here what service meant for her in her life, and she didn´t even know what service meant. So we taught the importance of helping others and why this is good and like our Savior Jesus Christ and how his sacrifice for us was a service for us all and the importance of His Atonement for us. So please pray for me and my companion and the Missionaries and the people here!!!!!! We all need it!!!!! But on the other hand, the members here are REALLY STRONG!!!!!! And, it´s AMAZING!!!!! We just have a small branch, but our President is incredible and the other members too!!!!! And I know God is working with people, even though a lot of people reject our message, a lot are really receptive too!!!!! We have lots of lessons every day and lots of contacts, so I am REALLY GRATEFUL!!!!!!!! And yes, I really do feel a bit like Ammon!!!!! Haha!!!!! If I´m even worthy to say that!!!!!

I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon here!!!!! It´s AMAZING!!!!! Because I walk outside and EVERYTHING!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Testifies of its truth!!!!!!! I know these people are the children of Lehi!!!!! And I am so honored and THANKFUL to be a part of the wonderful promise God made with Lehi that they would be brought back out of darkness and to the Light and Knowledge of their Savior Jesus Christ, I keep that promise in my Heart as I go about the work of the Lord and realize everyday with a Heart FULL of GRATITUDE that I am doing that work!!!!! Bringing that Light!!!!!! That The Lord has me as an instrument in His hands to fulfill that promise!!!!!!

So, a cool story about how God is in ABSOLUTELY EVERY PART OF THIS WORK and this is His design and PERFECTO PLAN for His children!!!! I just read chapter 3 in 2 Nefi when we had a lesson with a convert who is 14 and he hadn’t been studying the Book of Mormon, so we asked where he was in the Libro de Mormon so we could read with him and he said 2 Nefi chapter 3!!!!! So I was able to understand what we were reading and explain it to him and the importance of the words written there!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE THE LORD!!!!!!! 

LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go do the work of the LORD!!!!!

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