September 2, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey Mi FAMILIA!!!!!! And FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I don't know where to even begin honestly... So much has happened.
And, I have never written one of these letters!!!!! I've just written ya'll personally so....

Let's see, my Compreñera's name is Hermana Rasmussen!!!! She is AMAZING!!!!
I LOVE HER!!!! She has taught me a lot about diligence in hard work!!!!!!
And I've taught her how to have fun, while also getting the work done.
Well!!!! So we make a good team!!!!! She is WAY FUN by the way!!!! She and
I get along great!!!!! We've never had an issue. She's patient and we are both really courteous of one another, so that helps A LOT!!!!

I am really thankful for all of the emails ya'll have been sending!!!! They are ABSOLUTELY MARAVILLOSO (WONDERFUL)!!!!!

So yeah, the language is coming along NICELY!!!! I am SO THANKFUL!!!!!! The first two weeks were hard. There was one day I was about ready to burst into tears because I was just so frustrated, but that was only because the adversary is a TOTAL JERK and I had had an IMENSELY UPLIFTING day the day before and he just couldn't have me being confident now could he?!!! Anyway, once I realized it was him, I pushed him out of my head and had a completely MUY MARAVILLOSO day, although I was probably never so happy for bedtime in my life. That seems to be happening a lot!!! Bed time is truly one of the best times of the day!!! Sad, but true!!! Jaja!!!

So yeah, the language I still have a long way to go, but I have a
GRAN (GREAT) study plan for the next two weeks so I'm trusting in my mind being quickened to the language as said in my setting apart blessing and my Heart really enjoying and delving into it!!!!!

Domingos (Sundays) are THE BEST day here!!!!! SO SPIRITUAL!!!! It's like drinking from the fountain of Living Waters with a BRILLANTE fire hose!!!!
If that makes sense (and if I'm allowed to say that, I Hope so, because I'm
TOTALLY SERIOUS!!! I am SO THANKFUL!!!! It is what gets me from week to week!!!!!) We get to watch movies on Domingo!!!! My second Domingo, we watched Legacy and The Testament all in one day!!!! Back to back!!!! It was
EXACTLY what I needed!!!!!

Entertainment is wonderful!!!!!!!! Mostly we tell stories for entertainment that is how our districto has become so close!!!!! We're all SO GRATEFUL we're all going to the same Mision or else we would miss each other terribly. I'm not sure how the Elders feel about it, but the Hermanas all feel that way!!! Jaja!!!

We have 4 elders and 8 Hermanas in our group!!!! Hermana Rasmussen and I (as stated before) are compreñeras and Hermana Griffin from Highland and
Hermana Haymond from Colorado, Hermana Jones from Las Vegas y (and) Hermana
Parker from Oregon. Hermana Johnson from Mesa Arizona and Hermana (wait for it) Johnson. Yeah Johnson and Johnson, a family companionship!!! Haha!!!!
They're not really related; we just call them that as their nickname. All of us have nicknames for each other!!!! I am (as you will hear on the tape when I send it to ya'll) Hermana Energizer Bunny!!! Jajaja!!!!! Hermana Rasmussen is Hermana Face, because everyone here was like, you remind me of someone... Or do I know you? She knew none of them before now, but apparently she just has one of those faces so.... I said she knew us all in Heaven!!!!

So we have Latino Compreñera de courto (companions of room, roomates) they are ABSOLUTELY MARAVILLOSO!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! I'm going to miss them
GRANDEMENTE!!!!! One sister, Hermana Sanchez doesn't speak any English,
pero (but) we still have such a close relationship with each other!!! We just clicked the first day she came!!!! We're A LOT alike, she's like
Latino version of me with a few twists!!!! And Hermana Aldegre!!!! LOVE
HER!!!!! Latinos are only here for two weeks, so tomorrow they'll be leaving, MUY TRISTE!!!! Pero thankfully we'll be getting two or more
Latino Hermanas to become friends with!!! We had different Latino
Hermanas the first two weeks, which I also LOVED!!!!! So story about
Hermana Sanchez: the other night in the room that is connected to ours (our room is like a hotel room that has the door between the two) we were lying
on the ground on this white blanket (because you never know how clean the floor is) to do true laughs and to do so you lay flat and cross you arms over your chest, so Hermana Sanchez walked in, saw the person on the floor and all of us around her and yelled out, SACRIFICE!!!!! It was WAY
FUNNY!!!!! Needless to say, we all burst out laughing!!!!!!

So we've been having GRAN success in teaching and receiving revelation in our practice lessons with our teachers!!!! Our teachers act as
investigadores, and they're both converts so they do a REALLY good job!!!!
The Lord is definitely helping to make this as realistic as possible for us!!!!! It's a MARAVILLOSO experiencia!!!! I feel (siento) el Espiritu SO
STRONGLY each time!!!!! And our one investigadore (Hermano Sian as Manuel) just committed to baptism!!!!! YAY!!!!! I got to ask him and it was SO
AMAZING and MARAVILLOSO!!!! We know it's just role play, but we got all
gitty!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for these MARAVILLOSO experincias in the
CCM!!!!! It is what will help keep me striving out in the field where it's going to be ALOT harder!!!!! Pero, I know the Lord is helping me and like it said in my setting apart blessing, talents will be realized and strengthened!!!!! I can still use my talent of writing out here in the
Mision!!!!!!! I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!! Writing our lecciones, I can feel the
Espiritu so strongly guiding me in the right way of speaking, how to word it so well by His Will!!!! And when we were having a conference with our teacher, he said that every single time (every leccione) we asked him to be baptized, he had wanted to say yes, because we said it so well and did it in such a good way, he could feel the Espiritu but he needed to wait and have us focus on the particular needs of the investigadore!!! Pero, I am just SO THANKFUL to know we are doing our job correcto and teaching Well by the Espiritu de Dios!!!!! I'm SO GRATEFUL for my Talents and Gifts from the
Lord, especially of course the Gift of His Holy Spirit to be with me
siempre!!!! I know wherever I go, as I am doing all I can to follow
Him, He will be there to lift me so I can do my ultimate Best that I could  never accomplish without him. For, I truly know all I am comes from Him and He LOVES ME!!!!! Fully and ABSOLUTE, COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my Lord and El Salvador, Jesucristo and Dios our nuestro Padre
Celestial!!!!!!!!!!!! I know He's ABSOLUTLEY helping me in ALL THINGS,
EVERYSINGLE MOMENT!!!!! Because I know He LOVES me!!!!!! And ALL YA'LL!!!!!
I'm SO GRATEFUL to know He's doing the same for each of you!!!!! Especially since I am away and not right there with you!!! SO good to know He is, and
He can do ABSOLUTELY better anything and everything than I could ever do for ya'll!!!!!!!! So thankful to know that because as my blessing said, all your family and friends and all you know will be blessed because of your serving a mission for the Lord!!!!! I will do my very BEST YA'LL!!!! SO HE literally POURS out the blessings!!!!!!!
So yeah, that is all for this week!!!! I'm determined to make this week my
VERY BEST yet, because this is the Lord's time, not mine!!!!! And I can't waste a single minute of it!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers!!! I can feel them!!!!! I wouldn't be able to do all this without ya'll

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